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Do You Feel Lucky by Silver won the Game Spotlight! Do I feel lucky? Nope, but I do feel stubborn!
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Site Contest Winners: March 2018

Written by Admin  Posted on March 26, 2018
It's now time for the Site Contest winners to be announced.

The theme this month was that of matching colors. Fray's Nightmare by Taiga understandably won the Gallery contest for being both a creative story - albeit one I am not entirely sure I understand (will anyone tell me what a vampire is?) - and for matching an excellent collection of red items as befit the theme.


The Avatar category was left with a tie between two entries. According to the rules, ties are meant to go to Staff for a vote to determine the final winner. Also according to the rules, there was a THEME. A theme which I am the prism by Dread did not follow! As I am not here to squawk someone else's words like a parrot, I have disqualified this entry myself and announce bip {PALE BLUE CYBORG ENTRY} bip by Sheap to be the winner of this contest! Even if their range of 'pale blue' clearly skewed into teals and grays, at least those are all on a single palette instead of the entire rainbow of EVERY COLOR THERE IS! AUGH!

...I'm never doing this again.

Huff. What else am I supposed to say here? Right, the winners will receive the exclusive In the Spotlight Achievement and the Spotlight T-Shirt and Spotlight Showcase items for earning the most Cheers on their entries, while others will be moved to the Showcase Forum for safekeeping. As if we really need to preserve the failures, hmph. I'm sure another Site Contest Announcement will be coming soon for April.

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