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Too Much of a Good Thing by Salacassera won the Writing Spotlight! And so the Great Trash Truce was arranged.
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Palentines User Submissions!

Written by Admin  Posted on February 14, 2021
Ahhh~ Do you guys smell that? That heavenly sweet smell? I love Palentine's and those crunchy, munchy, sweet Palentine Candy Hearts! I can't wait for when the holiday is over and the shopkeepers dump all the wonderfully old, stale, hard ones out into my dumpster! It's going to be heaven! I'll get to eat my fill and then some! It just makes me love the season of love all the more! Nothing but Gems can beat stale post-seasonal candies!

And out of that dedication to love (and candy) and all things warm and gooey, I'm sure you all remember I promised an extra-special update for the Backstage Broker this month! Well guess what, it's finally here! I've got a nice little pile of Custom Clothing Submissions from those users who wanted to spread some extra Love Bug joy around. I'll still be doing my normal end-of-the-month Recolors at the end of February so you'll have to hang out 'til then if that's what you're looking forward to. But, out of the goodness of my little bun heart, I can give you a hint as to what they will be: three brand new, never-before-seen by the public, super snugly warm items.

After all, thanks to a certain SOMEONE it's been butt-freezing cold around here and no amount of coffee baths are ever going to thaw me out fully until spring gets sprung.

Speaking of Spring, let's put the PAL in Palentines and kick off this update by introducing a brand new friend! Here is to hoping that this super fluffy Busy Bunbee Bumblebunee helps those flowers start blooming sooner and getting spring here ASAP! Dear Gwendolyn stopped by on her way over to the Lab to introduce this new friend and I am super excited to see them buzzing around in the coming days! From one bun to another: welcome to Hope, Bunbee!

Now onto the items - let's start with one that was held over from last month as a special request for the Palentine's Day dance I've heard so much about! Gloria has designed this beautiful Red Rose Party Dress for the event! It's great to see her back at creating lovely new wearables for everyone to enjoy! I hope the dance is going great; maybe I'll drop by for a round of the 'bunny hop'!

Next I'd like to tell everyone a little personal story about the next few items, or rather their creator. For those of you who have never submitted a Custom Submission item before, there's a little section called Submission Notes. This section is there to let the user tell me any particulars they might have about the item, like if they want it to be a premium, or to specifically ask me to have to be a low (or high) price! But that isn't the only way it can be used!

This next user has been submitting items since the very beginning of the feature's release, and has always used the note box a bit differently. They were sending me little messages to see while I worked on the uploads. Little words of encouragement, funny little jokes, even demands to know why we had not yet released a 'cron' dress. I didn't often get the chance to really respond back to those words, but they were honestly always a highlight for me while working on getting these updates together.

So to Moth King of Moths, thank you for making my day brighter. This is my special Happy Palentine's message to you. You are the best little moth buddy a bun could want.

And, speaking of buddies, Moth King of Moths brings us some new buddies as well! The Poodle Moth Shoulder Buddy, Brown Tarantula Shoulder Buddy, Black Spider shoulder Buddy, and Oceanside Spider Shoulder Buddy are here to hang out and lend all the support they can muster! Look at all those legs they can use to cheer you on!

Or maybe you would rather keep your friends even closer (to your face for some reason)! Well you're in luck, because Moth King of Moths has also brought along the Death's Head Head Moth and the Rosy Maple Head Moth to party for Palentine's! They'll be able to get right up there and look into your eyes to let you know just how much they care!

Not enough pals? Then have you tried hanging out with the Pink Lovebug Swarm? I have it on good authority these are genuine love bugs and not moth actors in disguise!

I'm sure Shady is going to LOVE having all these new friends running around the shop! And if he doesn't, I'm sure that the beautiful Handful of Vivid Nightmares and Handful of Vivid Nightmares will win him over! It's not like Moth dedicated these items to the The Narrator or anything! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!

Oh wait no, the one he dedicated was the Blood Red Dramatic Rose. Due to the rather...explicit nature of the included note I'm going to refrain from reading it aloud here, however you can all rest assured I made sure to burn it with the appropriate incense as per Shadow Stage tradition. I'm sure jerk-face-mc-tried-to-kill-me got the message just fine.

Cough cough, where was I- oh right! MagpieM shows us that friendship comes in all forms, and sometimes that form is a duel to the death with a Banjo With Strap! Rivals and nemeses are a type of 'Pal' after all, right?

From the Victor herself, Dread brings us a brand new item dedicated to her two loves, Princess Celariel and our very own #1 Admin Rainbow Diana! The Prism Fairy Crown is a perfect fit for the painbow princess, while the Pearl Fairy Crown and Healing Fairy Crown would look perfectly at home atop Princess Celariel's noble brow!

Or if you are less into the idea of wearing a crown that might possibly flutter off on it's own, try out Dread's new Jeweled Heart Rose Flowercrown! Roses LOVE to stick to people after all! I'm sure you'll have no problem securing it for as long as you need at any dance!

And of course, what is a dance without some new recolors of Dread's already popular Pearl Sheer Gala Dress, Pearl Gala Corset, and Pink Teardrop Earrings? I hear Pink and Pearl are very in this time of year!

And can you just imagine, twirling around all dressed up along a Aurora Scrying Spell? Ahh~, so romantic! I can hear the music already~

Hey wait, that isn't just music, it's Ferrecs singing! There must be another delivery from Ferrec Koffee by stopboorider! I'll just snuggle down into this steaming cup and- wait, this delivery says it's for Himochi! I'm not Himochi! But what am I supposed to do with this Maroon Cozy Cafe Sweater? It'll get cold before I can re-deliver it. And PBTHTHT THT! I keep getting Ferrec fur all over my face! Look at this! I've got a Black Soft Beard and Black Soft Mustache! Ack! Even wiping it off I end up with Umber Soft Beard and Umber Soft Mustache!! How does Boo live like this?!

And there is another box here too....'To Shazzbaa', not again! Those Ferrecs are dumping their delivery duty off on me! WAH! And the inside of the box is all sticky! Look at this, I've got Black Painting Fingers... Is this INK?! I THOUGHT BOO WAS ON MY SIDE IN THE PRISM VS MONOCHROME WAR! At least it didn't spill on anything else in here, like this absolutely beautiful Blond Frazzled Ponytail that is just full of luscious waves! And then there is this whole slew of neato glasses! Ah, these Hot Pink Designer Shades sure do remind me of everyone's favorite totally-not-evil dorm landlord! But there are also Wildfire Designer Shades, Oceanic Designer Shades, and Obsidian Designer Shades in here too! Oh, uh, that ink might've stained the last one... Oops.

Well, I'm just gonna clean up this mess real fast before it spreads to anything else! Otherwise I'll be one dead bun, and then Voldemortimer would have a use for these brand new [/item]Gravekeeper's Boots[/item]! Thankfully I know all about cleaning up black and monochrome... And it's a good thing too, because I can NOT allow anything to happen to these beautiful Prism Star Freckles and Light Star Freckles; Jr has asked me to painstaking apply each and every one of these sticker stars before he heads off to the big dance.

I hope everyone is having a great Palentine's holiday! Remember, Iris’s Love Bug shop will be open until February 24th at 12:00PM (noon) CHT, but the special Love Bug Unique Quest, Palentine’s Trades, which will reward six Letters of Trade that can be used to send trades to the NPCs, will only be available until February 15th at 12:00PM (noon) CHT. THAT'S TOMORROW! You can use the Letters all year, but if you want to get those 6 free Letters of Trade please make sure to complete the Quest by then!

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