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New Items: October User Submissions!

Written by Admin  Posted on October 15, 2021
Ugh, I leave for just one month and this is what I come back to? I got ghost cats jumping in and out of the furniture! There are rogue snakes in the scarf stands! Moths are taking over the headband display! And don't even get me started on all the dang BIRDS! That's it! I can't take this zoo anymore! All y'all critters get over here! That includes you convincing-doppelganger-people too!

Up 'til now, we've always had to split our more 'lively' wearables into the Dressing Room categories between Scenery, Accessory, or some other, more appropriate category. Well no more! I've talked to the prismatic powers that be and now introduce the new Companion category of wearable items! It'll take me time to go through and find all the many hiding kiddos I've got in the store, and Club will be hopping around looking for those in other places. But if you see any we miss, or think something is mislabeled, please don't hesitate to say something.

I'd also like to know what you kiddos think for items like the plushies, which are currently slated to be left alone. Should they get relabeled? I'll leave that to a community poll and go with the people's will.

For the new Companion category. What items should we include?

The voting period for this poll has ended.

All right, we promised a mid-month release and it's a damn good thing we did, because you have been bringing out all the Halloweave treats you could manage this month!

First Time Submitter!YaGirlGoldenFreddy:
Catter Chatter

Red Pumpkin Space Buns
Spooky Party Dress

Hydrangea Hairpin Selection - ( Tattered Hydrangea Hairpin, Spirit Hydrangea Hairpin, Red Hydrangea Hairpin, Pumpkin Hydrangea Hairpin, Edgy Hydrangea Hairpin )

Iridescent Prism Hair Selection - ( Iridescent Prism Short Hair )
Crystal Drop Sheer Curtain

Moth King of Moths:
Kei Hair Clips Selection - ( Eye Decora Kei Hair Clips )
Spooky Manor Wallpaper Selection - ( Pumpkin Patch Manor Wallpaper )
Spooky Top Hat Selection - ( Pumpkin Top Hat )
Spooky Cane Selection - ( Crow Cane )
Spooky Tailcoat Selection - ( Gourd Lord Tailcoat )
Spooky Mask Selection - ( Gourdly Mask )
Head Moth Selection - ( Luminous Death's Head Head Moth )

Flipperfin Companion Selection - ( Abyss Flipperfin Companion, Black Flipperfin Companion )
Large Mawnite Companion Selection - ( Blue Large Mawnite Companion, Green Large Mawnite Companion, Orange Large Mawnite Companion, Pink Large Mawnite Companion, Purple Large Mawnite Companion, Red Large Mawnite Companion, White Large Mawnite Companion, Yellow Large Mawnite Companion )

Pretty Cyclops Eye Selection - ( Red Pretty Cyclops Eye, Green Pretty Cyclops Eye, Brown Pretty Cyclops Eye )
Web Poncho Selection - ( Monochrome Web Poncho )
Goth Boots Selection - ( Monochrome Goth Boots )
[item]Plain Headband Selection
- ( Plain Orange Headband )
Draped Scarf Selection - ( Hallowed Draped Scarf )
Short Pleated Skirt Selection - ( Hallowed Short Pleated Skirt )
Long Sleeved Sailor Blouse Selection - ( Hallowed Long Sleeved Sailor Blouse )
Flavored Lollipop Selection - ( Sugar and Spice Flavored Lollipop )
Striped Arm Warmers Selection - ( Hallowed Striped Arm Warmers )
Deep V Tee Selection - ( Black Deep V Tee )
Balcony Selection - ( Haunted Balcony )
Princess Prism Smile
Witchy Cauldron
Deadwood Scrying Spell

Paper Parasol Selection - ( Edgy Paper Parasol )
Consort's Robe Bottom Selection - ( Edgy Siren's Robe Bottom )
Consort's Robe Top Selection - ( Edgy Siren's Robe Top )
Siren's Robe Bottom Selection - ( Edgy Consort's Robe Bottom )
Consort's Robe Top Selection - ( Edgy Consort's Robe Top )
Perched Bird Pal Selection - ( Perched Hooded Pitohui Pal )

Web Leggings Selection - ( Wine Web Leggings, Red Web Leggings, Black Web Leggings, White Web Leggings )
Mawnite Skull Selection - ( Blue Mawnite Skull, Black Mawnite Skull, Yellow Mawnite Skull, White Mawnite Skull, Grey Mawnite Skull, Orange Mawnite Skull )
Big Smile
White Snake Scarf
Tattered Delphydra Hair
Heavy Chains
Raven Skull Mask

Sea Monster Ear Fins Selection - ( Hyacinth Sea Monster Ear Fins )
Sea Monster Skin Selection - ( Hyacinth Sea Monster Skin )

Starlit Skeletal Corset
Black Skeleton Makeup

That being said, it's nice to be home! Club just had to be back in time for Halloweave, but I'll say I'm really impressed with how much the Coral Reef is getting into the holiday this year! They normally wouldn't have time or resources for such a show, so I'm thrilled they are getting into the spirit of things. A little spooky fun is good for everyone!

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