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Joined: June 21, 2018 Active Kith: Carnelian
Birthday: April 28 Kith Alliances: 31
I am: melting bc sun Forum Posts: 800
Call me: She/Her Website: Twitter
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  • 07/25
    Re: Beta Battle Suggestions

    I've tested out Liven Up Strategy on Daylight a bit, and it feels kinda like currently, it may be a bit broken/OP? Currently, while I may not be able to one-shot any of the snarls (regardless of Health strategy, though that may simply be a case of Kith/Personality not being the most effective?), the healing whilst damaging the snarls is enough to remain in battle and fight through all three rounds without the use of items. The last round against the Pettiest is, as expected, harder, but I am still able to get through it solely using Liven Up, and no items. I don't know whether this also is the case for the other Damage+Heal strategies, especially those that in their descriptions seem to be guaranteed effects (Outlast Strategy, Absorb Strategy, Liven Up Strategy), or also those that just has a chance to Damage+Heal (Wrestle Strategy, Taunt Strategy, Bleed Strategy, Weaken Strategy, Calm Strategy) Perhaps a solution would be to have some sort of count-down before being able to use a guaranteed Damage+Heal (maybe only being able to have one of the effects at a time, and not three heal over X rounds at a time, as it currently seems to be working), or just make them all have a chance for extra rounds of Damage+Heal instead of guaranteed? I don't know how to properly nerf the current strategies, though. The Damage+Heal strategies is very interesting way to fight, but the way it currently works does seem to not be quite fair and a bit OP.

  • 07/18
    Inventory oddities ft. Per Page line

    It's just a little oddity I've noticed while in the inventory, and I was unsure whether it was a bug or something else. If you were to click on an item and press confirm, and then click the cross to exit the bubble, the line where the Per Page and Group Options are disappears. It reappears if you refresh the page, or if you click on an item, press confirm, and then press no. It seems to happen in the inventory versions of the Locker and the Gallery as well.

  • 07/16
    Re: Magical Theory 101

    *Furiously taking notes* Oh, this is all so interesting! Thank you for the lecture, nurse Rue! I do still think I'll sit out on Healing magic though, seeing as I don't want to deal with the malfunctions from that kind of magic. The school of Illusion is much more forgiving with simple mistakes and errors than Healing magic... ...Hm. Hm, so how would one go about to be able to fly? The easiest would probably be to just create wings, of course, but if one were to try and fly without wings? You'd most likely need to combine schools of magic, seeing as there's no known school of Air or anything similar (unless you use Fire magic to create rocket-like flight). And for ease, it would probably be best to utilise a magic amulet to hold the spell. Would combining the schools of Dream and Illusion make that possible, or simply create a false belief that they could? Would Dream and Light be better combined to achieve that, where the Light magic brings matters creatable in dreams from Dream magic to be the truth? Or something else? Or is it simply not possible with what knowledge there currently is of magic? And if one were to combine Time magic with say, Shadow magic, would that be able to create shadows of the past? Or would Illusion be better suited for reenactments of the past (and potentially, the future)? Seeing as regardless of combinations, you'd have to have quite some proficiency with Time magic to even pull it off, I wouldn't be surprised if there still were many mysteries surrounding the limits to this school of magic, let alone what results of combinations there may be. Though, Illusion magic sure can be used for so much... *Rambles on* ((OOC: I don't mean to shove a wall of text at anyone, nor more work. I'm just curious what others might have to say on the subjects))

  • 06/29
    Re: Petit Fall Recipe with Omphal...

    Along with this, the Raspberry Strained Yogurt Recipe has the Blueberry Strained Yogurt Recipe's image in the kitchen, though the images are as they should in the wishlist search.

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    Hello! I'm Begitte! I'm online here and there during the day, but due to being in GMT+1 the timezone might be weird compared to the site ^^'

    I enjoy anime and various other shows (like Thrilling Intent >w>), and I'm a big fan of the fantasy genre (the more magic, the better), and I also enjoy numbers, mythology and history.

    Avatar outfits

    Avatar art by me

    Art by others!

    Very cute beans by Haiz >v>

    Lovely artworks by Gloria!

    Sweet artworks by Ruevian!

    Lovely magical girl art by Moth King of Moths!

    Cute artwork by Kenome!

    Lovely art by Aotani!

    Amazing pixel by Voldemortimer

    Avatar art from people outside of Tattered World


    from Sheap » July 31, 2020 03:50 AM

    Thank you for the plushies Begitte! I couldn't find those anywhere T0T

    from toanovu » July 19, 2020 05:27 PM


    from Mossflight » July 05, 2020 11:30 PM

    Thanks for granting my wishes!

    from MrsFriSco » July 04, 2020 07:51 PM

    Thank you for granting my wish! <3

    from Phau » July 02, 2020 02:34 PM

    Thank for granting my wish :D
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