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Between the Shadow and Soul by Ruevian won the Writing Spotlight! She wasn't at the estate. She was in Hope, where she truly belonged. It was okay. It had to be okay. The ghostly ache of her scars throbbed once more in resentment, then faded into numbness.
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Tattered World History: 2022


January 2022: Cracking the Snowglobe

Users fought their way past the Snarls to the Snowglobe, to discover that it has begun to crack! They followed the cracks, beginning with the nervous Shimmerjoy, followed quickly by the much more chill Driftglade. Driftglade suggested we go see his great-uncle for help, and users were welcomed into the cottage community by Hearthsworn. But the cracks were still spreading, and Hearthsworn's husband Firmheart has arrived home- would the users be fully welcomed into the remnant, or blamed for the destruction the Snarls have caused?

February 2022: Cracking the Snowglobe Part 2 and Palentines

Firmheart properly introduces himself and explains the Council, of which he is a member, has been debating all these new guests. Firmheart sends the users to visit another Council member, Councilor Gloryglint, who is all too eager to welcome users to her shop. It seems the Snowglobe is now fully cracked open, and users are free to visit all the shops available.
February also included Tattered World's annual Palentine's celebration, this time with some historical-inspired designs from Xenia! New clothing flooded the Palentines shop, and some of the NPCs dressed up for the occasion! Hope and Colosseum shopkeepers also sold Palentine Candy Hearts which could be traded for previous year Palentines selection items in Estella's Exchange.

March 2022: Snowglobe Tailoring

April 2022: SpringTide Returns!

Spring tide returned, with colorful flowers popping up across the remnants as the Enchanted Forest ushered in spring. Even the Snowglobe got in on the fun, and any collected Tattereflowers could be traded in for new Spring-themed clothing.

May 2022: Cozy Kitchen and Snowglobe Quests

The Cozy Kitchen was opened at last! Users who had unlocked the Snowglobe were now able to make their own neighborly pancakes! Additionally, the Snowglobe residents became ready to open up with hourly and daily quests! Well, most anyways- Gloryglint was still holding out for the time being.

June 2022: Battle Event: Deception’s Eruption

The Snowglobe became a little too hot to handle in Tattered World’s first battle event! Gloryglint was missing, and a Deceptive Scourge had erupted from the depths of the Snowglobe. The Golden Colosseum armed themselves to help in the battle, but the effects of the Scourge hindered their magic, and they became trapped- the users had to defeat all five forms of the Scourge in order to free their friends.

July 2022: Deception’s Eruption Conclusion and Beta Gardening

The users were able to rescue their Golden Colosseum friends, but the threat of a return of the monster lingered on the ash-ridden air. Gloryglint spoke to Zephyr about her experience so close to the Scourge in order to better understand it. Through their conversation, Zephyr realized that the best way to counter the Scourge might be the Scourge's opposite, plants! He headed over to Hope to consult with its resident gardener Robin, and the Beta version of gardening was released! Combining this with the Benefactress’ magic which Gloryglint was able to retrieve, the end of the Scourge seemed at hand. Through the efforts of both battle and gardening, the Scourge was reduced to Deception's Shred, and the Snowglobe was safe once again. Though the effects on the Snowglobe's Kith still leave some concerned. Still, the volcanic activity has calmed down now, and even Gloryglint finally released her hourly and daily quests. So no need to worry.

August 2022: Prism (Plant) Party!

August means it's time for the annual Prism Party! But uhoh, the plot bunnies seemed to have disappeared- into Beta Gardening. Users could grab plot bunnies seeds of different colors and timers to match with their gardening playstyle, or grab plot bunnies directly from the shop to exchange for some new prism and monochrome rewards!

September 2022: The Scarecrow and the Gravedigger

While searching for new Halloweave ideas, The Witch discovered an old role,The Monster Bride. The Witch had never heard of this role, which prompted her to ask The Scribe about the Bride and other unfinished roles she had discovered. The Witch didn't like that these roles were left unfinished, so volunteered to write a script and put on a play to give them an end to their stories. With The Hero's help, The Witch brought the costumes of the roles she selected to the castle. Both The Witch and The Hero seemed particularly drawn to the two roles The Witch selected aside from The Monster Bride- The Gravedigger and The Scarecrow Witch. When the Witch met up with Piper to discuss Halloweave plans, Piper pointed out she thought the roles of The Gravedigger and The Scarecrow Witch might be related. Meanwhile, The Wolf was skeptical that this play was the best for The Witch, and would more than likely hurt him in the end. But as the saying goes, the show must go on, and The Witch's play began. However, the similarities between the roles helped remind The Hero of his own losses, and he broke free of the memory curse during the play. Screaming his child's name, it was finally revealed to The Witch who The Hero really was to her- her Papa. The Hero would not be able to hold onto that memory for long, but for a moment, The Witch and her Papa shared a family recipe.

October 2022: Halloweave

The Halloweave shop opened once again, and this year Shimmerjoy came over for a visit in order to host the site contest. And with some help from The Slasher, she learned just how fun being scared could be!.
In the midst of this, Tattered World celebrated its 6th year anniversary! with new Year 7 school uniforms and a celebration bundle!

November 2022: The Lucky Venture: Double or Nothing!

Everyone's favorite gambling duo returned with a crash. Shimmerjoy was none to happy to see them, but they did bring a new Kith, Masquifette, new food from the preview remnants of Cirque Faerial, Gallery Trappings, and newcomer Rock Bottom, and a selection of their own hatwear and accessories to share with users. But that's not all- each event checkpoint users reached would reveal new toys, books, and clothes, as well as some blurry preview photos of Kith from the preview remnants by none other than master photographer himself, Treble. Once all items were revealed, voting began to determine which remnant we would discover first. For this year, Cirque Faerial was declared the victor, and the Lucky Venture set sail once again.

December 2022: Closet Cleanout

Miranda's closet was full to the brim, but what to do? With Enheduanna's help, she realized the best option would be to give different items to users daily throughout the month! And at the end of the month, Andre would make patterns for all the items, so if you missed one, you could always make it again down the line. On top of this, Kosmas and Iris pulled together to perform a protection ritual that brought about Constellation stages for the Golden Colosseum Kith, as well as special toy star pillows that were granted as part of special wishlist achievements for the month!
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