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Soaring by Spacegal won the Games Spotlight! This paper airplane has reached new heights! Soarin' to the ten thousands! :D.
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Tattered World History: 2021


January 2021: Shady Quests

A certain Shady Character has run off, but not before leaving his own set of hourly, daily, and unique quests for users to get to know him a bit better. What secrets will Shady hold?

February 2021: Palentines

Once again, Tattered World's annual Palentines Celebration began, this time with some help from our Colosseum friends. New Heartseeker clothing flooded the Palentines shop, and some of the NPC dressed up for the occassion! Hope and Colosseum shopkeepers also sold Palentine Candy Hearts which could be traded for previous year Palentines selection items in Estella's Exchange.

March 2021: Achievement Rewards

Xenia has been figuring out some potential future hobbies, and in the process discovered Hope's achievement system! After completing all the achievements in record time, she decided it was time for an expansion and update- new achievements were added, as well as new rewards for both old and new achievements! Get hunting!

April 2021: Springtide

Skyler in her research discovered an old pre-Withering tradition named Springtide, to celebrate the florals of spring! When Dizzy heard about this festival, it was time to party! For two weeks, tatterflowers sprung across the remnants- each hour you could collect one from an npc shop page. These items could be turned into Dizzy for some shards and a gem, or exchanged at Estella's for some seasonal clothes. Two daily event quests, one with Skyler and Dizzy and one with Lenta, could also be completed for seasonal clothing and forum banners.

May 2021: The Lucky Venture

The source of the mysterious music that had been floating through the Tatters was finally revealed, as an ornate steamboat docked in the Hope River. Lead singer Angelique and accompanist Luc introduced themselves, as well as two new premium kith, Roustique and Crocoduet, whose charms could only be purchased while the ship was docked. Angelique hosted her own temporary shop, Parlor Tricks, where you could buy tickets to a daily raffle to win the pot, while Luc showed off wares he would sell from various undiscovered remnants they had visited in Cargo Hold 'Em. During the course of the event, we would reveal more items and vote on which of the three remnants we would want to reveal the path through the Tatters for first- the roguish, high-flying, big top Cirque Faerial, the dazzling artwork and gondola tour of Gallery Trappings, or the chilly and cheerful atmosphere of The Snow Globe. Shady Character seemed suspicious of these new characters in town, and event quests revealed that some other characters were suspicious as well, while some were interested in what the boat and it's denizens could bring. The suspicions didn't stop as Angelique announced the Site Contest winners and the event came to a close. And perhaps for good reason- while the event did reveal we would be reaching the Snow Globe first, it seemed that The Lucky Venture may have left something in it's wake.

June 2021: New Battle Arena and Champions!

In the wake of the Lucky Venture's departure,, a new battle arena awaits, with new stages and new Snarls from the three Remnants the Lucky Venture previewed. With the new arena came a new Battle High Score page- can you become the Battle champion? The rewards for battle were also updated, including some mysterious Tangled items...

July 2021: Snarl Binding

Miranda has been searching for a way to help her Kith Enheduanna, who has not been the same since being forcibly Tattered by the Narrator during the wretched Everstorm. With some helpful research, they think they have found a way, and a way to deal with the Snarls besides battling them- by binding Kith to Snarls! This new features allows a Snarl to be attached to a Kith, and each day the Snarl can be slowly untangled, revealing new and exciting rewards! But what danger could this also entail?

August 2021: Prism Party

It's that time of year again, the celebrate the most wonderful of rainbows- Prism Party came back in full swing! This year, Club was feeling a bit out of sorts with so many Snarls running around, so users helped her hide by disguising themselves with a bunch of new Club-themed items in addition to new prim and monochrome celebration items!

September 2021: Trash Catch and Disappearing Shopkeepers

The month began with some rowdy pirates partying and tossing their garbage in the ocean!. Users helped the merfolk clean up the mess with the new game Trash Catch- just be sure to avoid the grog! The Coral Reef also received new items throughout the month, with new ancient books stocked in Marcus' shop, new recipes in Bonnie's and Tethys' shops, and new toys in Shay's shop. But something was wrong- as these new items came to light, the shopkeepers disappeared! How could Marcus and Shay abandon their Kith, and Tethys and Bonnie leave their stores empty? And what's worse, new Snarls appeared in a Coral Reef arena- something terrible was happening, but what could it be?

October 2021: Haunted Halloweave and Sunken Suspense

Shopkeepers continued to disappear, with Ogenus dragged to the depths by Shimmerfins turned Specterfins. And with everyone else gone, Dione fell to her fear and disappeared as well, leaving with unsettling calmness. With the release of the Halloweave Shop came the answer to the Reef residents' disappearances- they had been swept into dreamlike fantasies by a ghostly ship figurehead named Specter, who seemed to be taken orders from her Captain the Sea Witch. Users utilized multi-choice quests on the Event page to reach through to the residents, to break them out of their false dream desires. Once the shopkeepers had been broken out of their dreamscapes, Specter began faltering, and it became clear she was an AI from the Solarium, a recorder of knowledge. However, after her false realities to save the Reef residents were rejected, her protocols switched to wiping the slate clean. Users were presented with three options to address Specter to vote on with characters explaining their stances on each. Elliot and Tethys argued that Specter was too dangerous to leave and must be dismantled. RiGBy (who recognized Specter as an older AI) and Marcus argued to Repair her corrupted parts, in the hopes that she would realize they were trying to help and her knowledge would not be lost. Marisol and Shay argued Specter should be Reprogramed, the loops causing her pain separated and letting her be hooked into the Solarium matrix, to give her community support, though it would mean losing much of her knowledge in the process. Ultimately, Users voted to Repair Specter. With her Repair users received additional lore the other choices would have not received, but she ultimately did not change her goals and flew into the Tatters, vowing to return in the future.

November 2021: Map Exploration

An updated map system was released! Highlighted arrows and clickable npc markers with descriptions for the respective shops allowed the maps to be more visible and interactive. In addition, tags in the dressing room were officially released with a reference page, which allowed colors, remnants, custom creators, and major clothing categories to be searched in the dressing room!

December 2021: Snowglobe Kith

As the snows fell, four new Kith tumbled into Hope, requesting aid. Dappybara, Firloom, Tiarystal, and Refractail explained that the Snowglobe is under attack by dreadful Snarls. [b]A blizzard arena was revealed, and users could start battling Snarls with their newly allied Snowglobe Kith in order to reach the Snowglobe!

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