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Tattered World History: 2020


January 2020: Unmaking

Lycus had picked up some weird energy readings from the Tatters, and called on Elliot for some collaboration. With nightmarish readings as were seen more minds were needed, and from across the remnants a team conference was held. Realizing that now was the time for action, and after moving past discussions of sacrifice, Piper's coding led to a breakthrough. Elliot put together a system to allow users to interact with the Tatters, curtailing the excess energy to less dangerous levels, though not without a price, and the Unmaking System was added to the site.

February 2020: Palentines

Love Bug Shop opened once again! This year, Witch traveled over to Hope to visit Piper and collab on a Spooky Palentines!. New food and clothing items flooded the Palentines Shop, and even some of the NPCs dressed up for the occasion! Hope shopkeepers also sold Palentine Candy Hearts which could be traded for previous year Palentines selection items in Estella's Exchange.

March 2020: Voices in the Mist and Beta Battle System

Iris continued to feel that something was wrong, a familiar presence, even taking a trip to the Solarium to speak with the Kith there to see if they felt the same danger. After returning to Hope, however, Iris' fears were realized when Hope was attacked, not by Kith, but by new destructive creatures called Snarls. Iris rushed into the Tatters, feeling that she needed to find the Oracle or Voice in the Mist from before and find a way to save Hope. A face to the voice was finally revealed, as well as the existence of a new remnant, the Golden Colosseum. With this reveal, the Beta Battle System was released for users to test their Kith's might against the Snarls. Users traveled with Iris to this new remnant, but only the Oracle of Autumn, or Chrysa, was there, the rest still clouded in mist. Chrysa's Kith, Pythia, volunteered to lead us to the other remnant residents and, through event questing, we could start to meet them!

April 2020: The Golden Colosseum Revealed

Pythia led us through her home, and we continued to do event quests, as well as battle through the sea of Snarls in order to part the mist around the other shopkeepers of the Golden Colosseum. We first reached the Temple of Growth, where Zephyr shared her bounty with us before we traveled further, as well as introducing us to his own diverse set of allies, including the new weather-influencing elementhian. She directed us next to Fauns Fragments, overseen by Gallus who, while not as battle-enthusiastic as others in the Golden Colosseum, will support and encourage rest outside the battlefield. For those more inclined to the art of battle, Gallus sent us to Valeria, who was more than happy to show us how to crush the Snarls with her trusty ally Spot the Trimerus. We still had more to go though, and with Nicholas and Iris we traveled to the Temple of Memory and met Kosmas, a young mystic who seemed very intent on his job of keeping the history of his home and the other remnants in order, though his Ugling ally Sophos aimed to keep him in check. One last push to part the mists and the full Golden Colosseum was revealed, as well as the armorer Quintina. Chrysa left us with one last prophecy, however this one did include a call for rest- perhaps whatever may come can wait for now.

May 2020: Golden Colosseum Quests

Hourly quests were released for the Golden Colosseum npcs, but were revealed to work a bit differently than past remnant quests, since the Golden Colosseum did not require secrets to discover. Specific hourly quests would need to be completed with Chrysa in order to part the mists surrounding the other npcs, and their quests would not be unlocked until the mists were parted (when those npcs reached friendly through quests with Chrysa).

June 2020: Golden Colosseum Kitchen!

With the Golden Colosseum open to all, Valeria took it upon herself to show us the ropes of the Golden Kitchen, and her favorite type of magic to use for cooking, fire!

July 2020: Battle Complexity!

Time for some battle complexity! All existing Hope strategies were given additional effects, as well as potential bonus or negative modifiers based on Kith species, personality, and luck! On top of this, team battles were introduced, allowing users to choose up to three Kith to go into battle at once. Time to get back at those Snarls!

August 2020: Prism Party

About time for the most colorful party all year! Hope shopkeepers kept plot bunnies in stock all month to be exchanged at Estella's for some delicious rainbow (and monochrome) treats!

September 2020: Golden Colosseum Secrets

The beginning of fall brought out the secrets of the most recently discovered remnant, the Golden Colosseum.

October 2020: Happy Halloweave!

The most spooktacular season of all arrived once again, Halloweave! With the help of The Scribe, The Witch, The Dollmaker, and Piper, Seeba made his haunting return, and The Abandoned Arcade opened once again! Every shopkeeper stocked special Gummy Bats that could then be turned in at the Exchange for selection halloweave pails for the year of your choice!

November 2020: Questioning the Cosmos!

Kosmas contacted Xenia via scrying spell in an effort to understand some of the information he had been gathering about the Solarium, but everything had been so slow! Surely the caretaker droid, designation Xenia, would be able to answer his queries- and she did answer many of them! But Xenia also had some questions for Kosmas, to his chagrin, in the form of a new idle game, Questioning Cosmos!

December 2020: Quest Expansion

Xenia started a chatroom for all her closest Solarium friends! While some may not have been as enthusiastic about their designation as others, the connection was overall well received- and what better way to expand connections than to offer a variety of new quests! New quests were added for all Solarium npcs, additional npcs received quests pertaining to the Illuminary Gala, and Chrysa received additional daily quests at specific devotion levels.

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