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March Update: Under Attack

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March Update: Under Attack 18

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March Update: Under Attack

by Iris » March 11, 2020 03:15 PM

Last Edited: March 12, 2020 11:43 AM

[Catch up on the Event so far]


Shh, shhh, little ones, it's all right... I'm so sorry that something has you all so miserable and afraid! I only wish that you could explain what upset you so much when you were traveling through the Tatters... or that anyone could tell me what's causing this terrible, sickening feeling. Could it truly be caused by that strange "vibration" that the Ulusives of the Solarium described to me? So many of these little Kith are trembling...

Can I offer you all some new toys? A book to read? I know it seems scary, but I promise you'll find that the Remnant of Hope is a marvelous place to be. There's so much joy awaiting you all! And in the meantime, I'm right here. Just... talk to me. Please, let me help... I want so badly to help...

Oh! What's that sound in the Tatters? Is another batch of Kith coming through already? Well, I'll... I'll do my best!

Hello, my dears, and welcome to-


You're... you're not...

Wait! No! STOP! The nests in the Tatters - don't touch those! They're very delicate, and- Let go! LET GO!

Stop this at once! Stop this tearing and ripping and- No!



This... this willful destructiveness... Those scratchy, shifting forms, like... like you're made up of thousands of threads...!

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Re: March Update: Under Attack

by Nicholas » March 11, 2020 03:16 PM

Watch out! Iris, goodness gracious, are you all right?! We must get away - EVERYONE, TAKE HEED! STUDENTS, FOLLOW ME! Hurry, we must seek cover from these creatures swarming the Tatters!

There's no time to return to your dorms or stop to gather belongings! Do not waste a single moment attempting to defend the buildings or the crops - your safety is paramount! Barricade yourselves and your Kith inside the first shelter that you see! Quickly now-

Iris? Iris, what is it? We haven't a moment to spare! You and the solitary Kith must come with me, hurry!
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Re: March Update: Under Attack

by Iris » March 11, 2020 03:16 PM

No! I... I can't!

Everything that I've been feeling, all of these long weeks... Something inside myself that I'm still feeling! So angry, and frightened, and... argh! So many emotions, like a snarled knot in my chest- it all feels sick, and wrong, and....

Nicholas, I've been sensing these horrible creatures, I know it! And if I can sense them - sense where they're coming from - then maybe there's something that I can do to stop them!

I've felt so powerless, all of this time, but maybe I don't have to be! Those things that the Voice in the Mist was saying to me- "When the time comes, ye shall know where to run-"
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Re: March Update: Under Attack

by Nicholas » March 11, 2020 03:17 PM

What? No!

Iris, please! We agreed, together, that you shouldn't follow that strange apparition, not after everything that happened with the Narrator... Twice now we've been torn apart during disastrous circumstances, but we vowed that we would never let it happen again!

With both of us here, working together in Hope to face this terrible new threat, we are certain to surmount this, like everything else. We... we may not yet know what we are facing, but I am certain that we need only take the time to recoup, and then we will uncover a solution!

Please, Iris, listen to me! With these monsters flooding from the Tatters, I... I dare not imagine what might happen to you out there alone. I've already lost one family member to the Tatters, and I could never bear to lose another.

Things may look daunting now - STUDENTS, STAY CALM! PLEASE, GUIDE YOUR KITH INTO THE NEAREST SHELTER! - but truly, if we stay strong in our Alliance, we are sure to weather this calamity. I know it! This shall not be the end of our University!

You told the Voice in the Mist that we would never let stress break us apart. Hold true to that belief, my dear one! There is no threat that we cannot surmount together!

Please... Promise me that you won't risk yourself for this.
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Re: March Update: Under Attack

by Iris » March 11, 2020 03:17 PM

Last Edited: March 22, 2020 10:03 AM


Of course. I... promise.

Now, there's no need to fret about me, Nicholas. Go on, guide your students! Please, take the little ones with you! They are so frightened, and perhaps in this time of trouble they can find an Ally amongst the students who save them. I'll make certain that there are no other solitary Kith left behind in the Tatters, and then I... I'll be right behind you!

Now, little ones. I know this is a very frightening time, but I... I must step away for... just a moment. No, there's no need to cry, I... I'll be back soon, I'm sure! You be good and listen to Headmaster Nicholas and the students here to guide you.

But you are not to follow me. Do you understand? Not this time. I must be sure no one else is in danger. So... So each of you must go with a student and take cover inside the buildings. They'll be sure to help you, I know it! Go on, don't be scared. Protect each other. Stay safe, together.


There he goes, leading them all... Oh, my dear Nicholas, always so sweet and hopeful.

I'm so sorry for what I must do.

Because he, he is needed here. He knows exactly how to lead them through this crisis. And we're... we'll still be working towards the same goals! Even if we're apart. Even if my Ally isn't...

Oh, am I truly considering this? How could I do this to him?! But I... For the first time in so long, I'm certain of something. I finally have an action that I can take.

I must stop second-guessing my own instincts. No, not this time. Not even for him.

I know that I can find that mist again, somewhere out there in the Tatters.

I know that I can find a way to save all of Hope.

No matter what it takes...

[Continue to next Event Update]
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Re: March Update: Under Attack

by Leslie » March 11, 2020 03:18 PM

The Kith nests have been destroyed and monsters are everywhere, so for everyone's safety, we've temporarily cut off access to the Tatters.

Likewise, it seems that Iris has left Hope, so her Quests are currently unavailable.

Stay safe, everyone! We'll get through this! The story will continue soon...
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Re: March Update: Under Attack

by Ruevian » March 11, 2020 03:28 PM

...damn it, Iris. You of ALL kith should know how much stronger we are together than divided.

I don't like this at all.
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Re: March Update: Under Attack

by Dread » March 11, 2020 03:31 PM

>:o Alright then- Metal Protectorate, Guard the Flanks, don't let these creatures near the students fleeing. My Forest Allies, lead the way, stay with Nic and help those who may falter. My more aquatically inclined friends, help those taking shelter in the waterways find a path to safety. The rest take care of the young ones, scoop them up in wing or paw should they be lost in the crowd. Jade and I will take the rear, take arms until everyone is too safety. Above all, do not lose Hope, in all sense of the word.
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Re: March Update: Under Attack

by MagpieM » March 11, 2020 03:35 PM

[@Iris]! I spent so much time warning students against the foolishness of setting out into the unknown alone and so much time begging folks to ask for help and not believe they ever had to go it alone.....and....

Oh, I know you can't hear me. I know it doesn't matter. And I know this will involve more tears before it's over, but.....

Please come back safe....
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Re: March Update: Under Attack

by SheridanCharon » March 11, 2020 03:36 PM

...Are these the little gits that are actually behind the Solarium attack?

...Doesn't matter either way. I am ready to throw hands with them, and I'm bringing extra hands!
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Re: March Update: Under Attack

by Archivist » March 11, 2020 03:43 PM

I see being late (time rabbit) schoolwork (supply closet artifice), and failing grades (red raccoon). Are these the fears of students?
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