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Undead Phowl by Firebirb won the Kith Design Spotlight! I LOVE SPOOKY TIME AND FALL AND I COULDNT HELP MYSELF.
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Tattered World History: 2018


January 2018: Counting Cards

Piper released a new game, Counting Cards, based off Bonnie and Marcus’ card games from the Coral Reef!

February 2018: Enchanted Secrets

All the Characters of the Enchanted Forest finally revealed their Secret Unique Quests to those who had earned their devotion!

A very pink Iris temporarily opened up the Love Bug shop to celebrate Palentine’s Day, too!

March 2018: Loose Ends

The Everstorm returned to the Coral Reef with a vengeance! Lightning struck Enheduanna, Miranda’s Kith, turning her into a Tattered Pluff. She called out for help with a Scrying Spell that fizzled due to the Everstorm’s interference. Ingoring Lycus’ protests, Andre rushed to Tailoring to save his stranded friend, hoping it would be as effective as before.
When that failed, Marcus volunteered to brave the Everstorm to reach Miranda directly. Scooping them both up in his strong arms, Marcus got them safely to the Pirate Grotto down below. Bonnie bought some time while Tethys tried to talk Dione into making Tailoring Patterns, since that stopped the Everstorm before. Though Dione was upset by the suggestion, eventually she agreed to give it a try.
Unfortunately, though Dione tried to sew Enheduanna back together, a Kith cannot be changed by force. Marcus headed back to Hope without her, and Lycus noted with quiet worry that the Everstorm’s readings hadn’t stopped

April 2018: Plot Twist

When Iris got to Miranda, she tried to encourage Enheduanna to come home and recover in Hope. Instead, Enheduanna bravely chased the Everstorm to - the Shadow Stage!? The Hero took Miranda to see Scribe, who promptly invited her in and sent Hero away on a Quest. Hero turned to Dollmaker for advice and ended up helping him with the undead that rose to bemoan The End they feared was nigh. Once they were put to rest, the two visited Wolf and Witch next, where Witch bought time for Wolf to prepare Tailoring Patterns by cooking up some delicious potion recipes. After much preparation, Wolf acted out her first script by the Scribe without a Narrator’s influence, with great success! As the Everstorm receded, Miranda said her farewells to the Shadow Stage and headed home.
Lycus, on the other hand, was frustrated by the Everstorm’s unpredictable behavior. He was also unhappy to say good-bye to Marcus, who realized how much he missed his friends back home and returned to the Coral Reef.

May 2018: Bank of Hope

Estella Artois, Nicholas’ wife and mother to Lycus and Piper, makes her debut! The Bank of Hope opens for all to use as Shard and Gem storage, item storage, and an Exchange of certain items!

June 2018: Potion Panic

Our newest Staff member Elfy launches the first Shadow Stage game, Potion Panic! Diana and Piper adjust all the other games to have better Kith rewards, too!

July 2018: Forum For All

A huge update to the Forums brings a number of great user suggestions into existence, along with beautiful Forum Banners to unlock with Achievements or Premium purchases!

August 2018: Coral Reef Secrets

Diana's Prism Party comes back in full swing for another year of rainbow celebrations! Users had to collect a Pile of Sticky Notes to exchange at the Bank of Hope for various collectible prizes. Club and stopboorider really outdid themselves this year!

Secret Quests finally arrive for the Coral Reef! Now every Character in the Coral Reef has a Unique Quest to reveal once you reach Devoted Reputation with them.

September 2018: Custom Clothing

Instead of a regular Premium clothing update, September started off with the exciting new Custom Clothing feature! Staff looked for a lot of feedback as the feature was refined over time to suit everyone’s needs in a way that matched our community-oriented goals for the site.

However, when the dreaded Thursday the 13th came upon the Shadow Stage, all of Scribe’s books were “edited” by a mysterious new role, The Slasher! After a great deal of authorial fury, Scribe dragged Slasher all the way to Hope to reveal...

...it was Shady Character all along?! What an unmasking! And there, having heard the good news about all the Custom Clothing submitted to the site, Shady Character set up a storefront in some kind of junkyard pile of uploads. Yay?

October 2018: Hope Halloweave

October once again brought Hope Halloweave! The Abandoned Arcade opened once again, with some all new spooktacular items! But wait, it seemed the Halloweave spirit spread through all of Hope! Every shopkeeper stocked special Gummy Bats that could then be turned in at the Exchange for selection halloweave pails for the year of your choice!

Leslie joins the staff as a new writer!.

November 2018: Shadow Stage Secrets

Himochi and Dread were brought to the team as new Site Assistants!

Fray finally got his own store over in Kith Fashions! Fray made sure everyone could fancy up their Kith with premium stages, in both the site stages and custom created stages made by users like you!

Secret Quests arrived for the Stage NPCs! What hidden secrets were revealed? Every Stage character has a unique quest available after you have reached Devoted Reputation.

December 2018: Glitchsweeper

A story that was once foretold, of Withering beseeching the Forest of old, Princess Celariel came to Hope to reveal, four new premium Kith stages to convey the ordeal.

Lycus seemed to have something cooking in his lab. Donations at this time led to some…flying debris? More donations led to a mysterious transmission, and the introduction of the newest game, Glitchsweeper!

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