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(Plot) Bunnies for Christmas by slapthefatcat won the Crafting Spotlight! With the holidays coming, the Prism Party and the Monochrome Masquerade have come to celebrate together with some funny bunnies!
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Our 2021 Farewells...

Written by Admin  Posted on January 03, 2022
Hope you all had a happy new year over the weekend! The shop timers have all been returned to normal, requiring a minute between purchases.

I've got a few code updates coming through today, mostly on the backend. We've searched high and low for the cause of the high score rewards not being granted and have finally come to the conclusion that we might've outgrown the current server size, because it looks as if the processes that run at midnight are being shut down in the midst of their work - hence why you get some rewards sometimes, but it's random and unpredictable. Hopefully this upgrade will fix the problem and we can rest assured that the winners will get their well-deserved high score rewards!

I've also got a few CSS changes that will be appearing bit by bit over the next couple of days. I think we've almost resolved all of our theme issues, yay! Please report any problems with the light/dark theme in our pinned Technical Support thread if you notice something is hard to read or just seems not quite right.

Thank you all again for helping to make Tattered World the best it can be!

Before I close out this announcement, I have one last goodbye to say to [@stopboorider], who is moving on from Tattered World to new projects with Vodeo Games! Boo has been a huge help throughout the years on site and his legacy will live on in all the gorgeous art he's created as well as fun little references like the Boonanas that we love so much. Everyone please wish him a fond farewell!

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