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Site Contest: August 2021

Written by Admin  Posted on August 09, 2021
So... hn. I recognize some faces here - people who know what they did. For those of you who are too new to recall, the last time I ran a Site Contest, there were some… rule benders, to be charitable. The theme was focused around using one SPECIFIC color, and instead, someone entered prism, which was A COMPLETE MESS, AND-

It's in the past. I've moved on. So much so, in fact, that I have now agreed to host the August Site Contest… despite the fact that the theme is Prism Party. My school of Whimperials have been begging me to try again, and I don't need to tell you how difficult it is to avoid ten pairs of teary bubble eyes - you try explaining the rules to them and see how you fare.

Which means that this time you are absolutely required to enter prism and ONLY prism. Or monochrome - which is a much more orderly and restful color scheme - tch, and I suppose that some of you could technically enter spectrum, even though you’d think that all those colors would be enough for you already without needing to combine prism and monochrome together…

Regardless! If I'm going to do this for my Kith, you're going to have to make sure that there are enough prism clothes around to satisfy all of my Whimperials- so we now have a Clothing Recolor Contest category, where you'll need to re-color an existing clothing item on site in prism, spectrum, monochrome, or a full and complete set of the ten basic colors of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, white, gray, and black. No wishy-washy sets of random colors will be accepted, not by me or my Kith!

If you absolutely must do something more freestyle, there is also a general Art Contest. I find that while engineering toys, restraints help my creativity, so I'm offering you all a limitation that should help you create decisively and keep the rules equally applicable between categories: your artwork should be done in a limited palette of prism, spectrum, or monochrome.

The entries start today. The contest will end on August 22nd at 12:00 (noon) CHT - and on August 23rd, the winner of each category will be announced. Each will receive 100 Gems, as well as a special In the Spotlight Achievement and some unique items, the Spotlight Showcase and Spotlight T-Shirt. The winner of the Clothing Recolor Contest will also have their recolors submitted to the site and put up for sale alongside the original clothing.

Winners are chosen based on the number of Cheers that their entry receives. And absolutely do not forget to read the Rules.

And don't make me regret this. I already have a headache from how much those pirates have been partying…

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