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Wishlist Campaign Gallery [LOCKED]

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Wishlist Campaign Gallery [LOCKED] 10

Wishlist Campaign Gallery

by Sefria » August 06, 2017 05:00 PM

Last Edited: September 04, 2017 11:40 AM

It Begins

The Dread Snapping Turtle encroaches upon us, and General Quackington is leading the campaign against him, coordinating efforts of army and navy both.

On land, defenders scramble to erect blanket forts to hold off the Turtle's advances, while the navy recruits desperately in an effort to patrol the waters.

Terrible squeaks are heard as casualties mount up, and shreds of rubber drift ashore and are sadly gathered from amidst the bubble-froth, to be given decent burial.

The Dread Snapping Turtle seems invincible, but the Duckling Army's numbers grow.

All the while, both sides desperately seek A Clue which will give them a further edge in the war.
The Clue has been discovered through an anonymous tip! It points to a possible weapon:
a Glitter Cannon.
The Cannon was unearthed due to an ally's efforts (thank you sQld). Now the artifact must be cleaned with a cleaning cloth and oiled (olive oil will do) in preparation for firing.
The alliance with sQld continues strong, and (pity ducks don't have thumbs) the cleaning of the relic was successful.
Now all that is needed is A Spark.
-a mysterious figure has set ablaze the powerful weapon.
But, lo! The Turtle has seized a hapless recruit as rubber shielding. One of the Duckies has fallen. A Moment to mourn the sad occasion...

Who will win?
So far, it's a wash.

(The Gallery is a screenshot of the preparations for the first pitched battle, because that's where we are at in the story so far: https://beta.tatteredweave.com/users/profile/Sefria/wishlist )

General Quackington coordinates the defense against the Dread Snapping Turtle. Who will win? So far, it's a wash.

Began with 1 Blanket Fort and General Quackington.
Wishlist items granted:
+4 Rubber Duckies
(Lycus' Sweater -not for the story)
Blanket Fort
+5 Rubber Duckies
A Clue
+1 Rubber Ducky
Glitter Cannon
+1 Rubber Ducky
Olive Oil
Cleaning Cloth
A Spark
-1 Rubber Ducky

So this gallery is an incomplete-in-the-middle-of-the-war story of what is happening in my Wishlist.

Everything gifted to me via Wishlist to date ((with the exception of 1 Lycus' Sweater, which wasn't for General Quackington's Campaign)) is in the Gallery, and further updates will be posted below this actual entry so you can see how it develops.
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Re: Wishlist Campaign Gallery

by Sefria » August 06, 2017 05:12 PM

Last Edited: August 07, 2017 05:34 PM

Okay, because I can't actually continue to update the GALLERY, further updates will be listed here as posts.

The Moment of mourning is bought courtesy of our old ally sQld who held off the Turtle long enough for the rest of General Quackington's troops to recover from the shock. (+1 A Moment)

Elfy found a new volunteer to join the army (+1 Rubber Ducky)

sQld generously transferred some members to the navy (+2 Rubber Duckies)

One of the recruits previously worked in the private sector and recommended armaments! The hunt is on for a Bubble Wand Set and Dishsoap ammunition.

(They also recruited a new quarter-master: +1 Rubber Ducky)

The weapons were found thanks to sQld's tireless efforts (+1 Bubble Wand Set & +1 Dishsoap)...
but the Dread Snapping Turtle has plans of his own, and is advancing upon one of the pillow forts.
I mean blanket forts.
It must be shored up! Pillow and Blanket components are sought for repair.

(Also, I redirected the Gallery description to send people to the Wishlist for the most recent updates)

A strong wind blew across the battlefield, and when it was safe to venture forth, one of the Navy members spotted a sodden mass washed up beside the tub. Was it a towel? No! It was a blanket! (+1 Blanket)
It might be the forlorn survivor of someone else's attempt to hold back the Dread Snapping Turtle, but wherever this salvage originated, the army will put it to good use now.

Lime has become a war reporter and brings back photographic evidence of the struggle:

It seems things have been happening under cover of that storm.
A Duckling with a mysterious past showed up
(+1 Rubber Ducky)
A pillow was found by sQld and sent to the front
(+1 Pillow)
The mysterious Duckling called in a friend from ShrinkRae's lands
(+1 Rubber Ducky)
Voldemortimer built border reinforcements and ceded them to the cause
(+1 Blanket Fort)
Cabbadonia found some baby ducks in the cabbage patch and sent them over
(+4 Rubber Duckies -a whole wing, in fact.)

With these reinforcements, the Bubble Wands were finally able to be deployed, and the Dread Snapping Turtle was driven back, saving the besieged Blanket Fort!

Since they have been proven in battle, a new plan is being developed. There is no known way to destroy the Dread Snapping Turtle, but perhaps he can be imprisoned.

It is time to build a trap that will capture him, and render Bath-Time safe, once and for all!
A Mechanics Science Kit is being called for by the engineering corps, and General Quackington has approved plans to build an Inflatable Pool, bounded by a Fishing Net to hold him.

But the Dread Snapping Turtle is not without guile, and is making plans of his own.
What will become of the Ducks if he gets his hand on a Bug-Catching Net to extend his reach?
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Re: Wishlist Campaign Gallery

by Sefria » August 07, 2017 06:51 PM

Last Edited: August 13, 2017 05:54 AM

Allies move swiftly when victory is in sight, and Voldemortimer's forces have donated a pool to the cause.
(+1 Inflatable Pool)
A party wishing to maintain the appearance of neutrality refused to be identified, lest they draw the wrath of the Dread Snapping Turtle, but bravely supplied a Fishing Net.
(+1 Fishing Net)
And Cabbadonia's cabbage patches yielded another crop of brave Rubber Duckies!
(+4 Rubber Duckies)
Only the Engineering Department's Mechanics Science Kit is missing before General Quackington gives the 'Go!' order on their plan.

The Turtle has seen new flights of opponents overhead, and has hatched a plot of his own. He knows the weakness of his foes, and unbeknownst to them lays plans for a diversion with an Avoreal Nest, and a Baby Egg. When they come to rescue this seeming avoreal ally from his clutches, he plans to reduce their numbers with a hidden Charybdis Pool!
The Dread Snapping Turtle managed to finish his construction before General Quackington's engineers got their wings on a Mechanics Kit.
(The Turtle made a raid on sQld's armory and came away with everything he needed, though the same source found the engineers their missing kit as well)

+1 Bug-Catching Net
+1 Nest of Avoreals
+1 Baby Egg
+1 Mechanics Science Kit

Unfortunately this meant that although the proposed holding pen is now complete, before the Rubber Ducky Flotilla could drive their foe into it, they had to divert considerable resources into rescuing the threatened Baby Egg.
But it was a trap. The two ducklings who went in with a stretcher to move it out of contested territory fell through the bottom of the nest into the Charybdis pool, and three other Duckies who dove in to save them also succumbed.

-5 Rubber Duckies

The tough rubber broke up the currents and blunted the sharp rocks, and no more are in danger from this hazard, but the loss is keenly felt, and the Turtle feasted well.

They are more determined than ever to drive him into the prison.

The only question is..... how?

While multiple wild notions are brought up and dismissed, a ray of hope comes from Quinineer, who sends provisions to the quackermaster
(+1 Sweet Seaweed)
(+1 Sunflower Seeds)
(+1 Oatmeal)
along with a defensive fortification and a melee weapon.
(+1 Sand Castle)
(+1 Bubble Wand)
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Re: Wishlist Campaign Gallery

by Sefria » August 26, 2017 01:08 PM

A long period of quiet on the front followed, as the Turtle seemed content in its victory and the Duckling Army retreated to mourn, and to hold a funeral feast. Tarquin and Sylvandr both sent a representative
(+2 Rubber Duckies)
who decided to join upon hearing the eulogies, and two gate-crashers showed up to the event as well, to be immediately recruited into the armed forces.
(+2 Rubber Duckies)

Voldemortimer broke the detente by creating a new Blanket Fort to shore up the lines, and General Quackington's advisers were rejuvenated by the relief this afforded.
(+1 Blanket Fort)
"A new strategy!" they quacked, "will show us how to lure our foe into his prison!" and called for a book on Turtle Psychology. They'll have to make do with what can be found...
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Re: Wishlist Campaign Gallery

by Sefria » August 26, 2017 02:45 PM

A book on Psychology was mysteriously donated to the cause, and the ducks retreated to pore over it. In the end, though it calls for great sacrifice, they have a strategy.
(+1 Psychology)
"We shall lure the turtle by tempting it with irresistible targets... I am sorry, comrades. But it must be done." They steeled themselves, hardening their resolve.
Some brave souls must give up the ultimate comfort of their Plushies, that a line of them would lead like a trail of crumbs (they'd use a trail of crumbs, too, just in case it would spare the plushies) from Dread Snapping Turtle to the Inflatable Pool Prison.
"Be brave!" they quacked to each other.
"Be resolute! Maybe Fray can salvage them, after."

There will be only ONE MORE update after this. The war is almost over! (I revised the ending after those latest plush designs came out, because golly those are cute and who could resist? Certainly not the Dread SnappingTurtle)
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Re: Wishlist Campaign Gallery

by Sefria » August 26, 2017 06:11 PM

Last Edited: August 27, 2017 01:09 AM

... okay, so there *was* going to be only one more update after this, in the sense that as soon as the last set of things General Quackington was calling for were gathered, there was only going to be one more update to the wishlist.

But things are being gathered piecemeal, and I'm out of characters to update the wishlist description directly. That's my error, turns out I had a weird cookie or something because I can update it again, now. Sigh.

So there will be a few mini-updates here until the one last update-to-wishlist, and then after the Last Things updated are discovered, there'll be a last post to tie up the war.

Read about it here (story is much more detailed, and still in progress.) Warning: I'm naming all the Duckies. So when they die.... yeah. Sorry.

Here are the mini-updates:

Slowly volunteers and supplies are gathered. From Cabbadonia's fertile cabbage patch a breadcrumb trail was spotted and relocated.
(+1 Breadcrumb Trail)
Voldemortimer's forces valiantly donated a Fluffy Puppy Plushie to the cause,
(+1 Fluffy Puppy Plushie)
and Flowerly created another Blanket Fort to be used as a dedicated hospital should things go wrong.
(+1 Blanket Fort)

One evening, just before Tubby Time inspection, a Dino Plushie was mysteriously lying next to the Fluffy Puppy Plushie. The only clue was an enormous dinosaur footprint; ducks gathered around it, quacking confusion. Dinosaurs didn't -change size- did they?
They were especially alert for that night's patrol.
(+1 Dino Plushie)

Hope brings hope in the form of another Rubber Ducky Recruit.
(+1 Rubber Ducky)
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