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Flower Basket Veilous by Haiz won the Custom Kith Spotlight! Maybe love was the friends we found along the wayside.
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New Items: March User Submissions!

Written by Admin  Posted on March 31, 2021
Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii everyone!
*cough cough*

Sorry about that, I've been hangin' out with all my super cool new friends an' one of 'em has a teeny tiny side effect when y'get into a screamin' contest with 'em. Voldemortimer's new buddy the Magenta Balloonper has a habit of lettin' out their helium when talkin', squeakin', an' most important, screamin'. Why were we havin' a screamin' contest? Well we wanted to help Dark Matter Mawnite get used to the sounds of terror they'll be bringin' to the battlefield against the spooky scary Snarls! Turns out, my voice can get SO HIGH humans can't even hear it anymore! I think it mighta bothered some of the Thespians however... Sorry about that!

Dread's fancy friend Bartholomew Maximilian Cornwallis, who I've been callin' Luxury Licorne for short, wasn't so interested in our contest, but had a lotta fun browsin' all of Andre's unreleased designs!

Gwendolyn's twins the Red Firelight Cinis an' Magma Firelight Cinis have been helpin' melt down the last of the ice from this winter! I forgot I had some snowballs saved up in the rafters for later so uh... if any of the merchandise feels damp don't worry about it too much!

O'course Rayne's Deep Dragon Nibblug has been really enjoyin' all the puddles! Both inside from all these puddles an' outside from all the spring rain we've been getting! I just hope that Byte-Buddy Bumblebunnee is waterproof. D'you need to be waterproof in space? Is that the same thing as air proof? I wanna go into space! What kinda transformation do I gotta get to go into space?!

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