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Site Contest Winners: November 2020

Written by Admin  Posted on November 23, 2020
This is Lycus, livestreaming the results of the November Site Contest. Here we go… Just have to recite the standard, um, "p-protocols"…

Let’s celebrate the winners of this month's Site Contest... Glitchsweeped by Adhari in the Game category, and Between the Shadow and the Soul by Ruevian in the Writing category!

Since you b-both earned the most Cheers on your entries, you'll each receive 100 Gems, as well as the In the Spotlight Achievement, the Spotlight T-Shirt, and the Spotlight Showcase!

I’m moving the winning threads to the Archived Contest Winners Forum, while all other entries will b-be moved to the Past Contest Entries Forum!

By the way, I'm sorry about Hypothesis, um, eating so many of your manuscripts... I p-promise, they really did appreciate the texts! Actually, I appreciated them too - it was fun to see everybody playing a part in a story… Honestly, it all kinda... reminded me of my latest Myths and Mages campaign that I've been running for Jay and my family.

It's been going really well! Right now, Lord Nkandrius and his Diresheep familiar have decided to explore the Shadow Caverns to the northeast, since Lady Starlight is still investigating the p-potential cases of embezzlement within the city banking system... which was not something I expected any of the players to focus on, but which took up two whole sessions... Ooh! But the trickster-bard Pyriana just got word that Lord Nkandrius is being hunted by a terrible assassin, so she's been riding her epic striped warhorse across the northern expanse, fighting off ice-demons with the help of her loyal companion, Jayy, and-

W-wait, shoot... No spoilers!

Anyway, um... it says here that the December Site Contest will be hosted by Quintina in the Golden Colosseum, with the theme of Fond Memories.
The categories will be a Craft Contest and a Kith Spotlight Contest, and in both c-cases, you should talk about the way your entry relates to a person or Kith that you love.

The contest will begin on December 7th! Which reminds me, I should start p-prepping for the next session of my campaign...

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