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Shameless by Archivist won the Craft Spotlight! Hypothesis: lack of negative emotions like shame helps fight Snarls. Results: ineffective; too much friendly fire.
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New Items: March Recolors!

Written by Admin  Posted on March 31, 2020
Hey kiddos, how y'all been? Busy, right? I can feel that. As you can see, Fray is off outfitting any and all Kith for glorious battle. Lil' guy just can't bring himself to make Andre take him out into the Tatters with Ms. Ripper. Still, he wants to do his part. I'm cutting him a break and introducing our own dear stopboorider's new friend, the Matcha Frappe Gemwing. Ahh, what a nice relaxing smell.

Hn? Why y'all looking at me like that? Where was I? Didn't Club tell you? ...Huh? She was worried about me? I left her a note right on the fridge before I left. I guess it might have had some steak stains on it... maybe it got Junior'd. Whoops.

Well we can get into where I was AFTER I introduce all our lovely new user submissions. Don't worry, it is a small but quality list.

First Time Submitter Archivist:
Farmer's Battle Field

Drapery Dress Selection - ( Prism Drapery Dress )

Magic Circle Selection - ( Black Magic Circle )

Colorful Character Jacket Selection - ( Carnival Colorful Character Jacket, Winter Sky Colorful Character Jacket )

Fiend Ears Selection - ( Black Fiend Ears )

There! So, where was I? Well, what time of the year is it? That's right, it's almost friend-fiction day! I've been practically glued to a printer. My poor old hands are so sore from stapling...

Not to mention that I heard there might be some new... material that needs exploring. That isn't something I could ask any of my young authors to risk themselves to do. So your good old pal Shady went and did some proper leg work. Just with my bum knee it took me a little longer than I thought it would. Sorry about that.

So nothing to worry about!

Trust me, I'm your pal ain't I?

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