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Bobble the Blepper by Voldemortimer won the Craft Spotlight!
This is Bobble my small blepper child!! They like tomatos!
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Site Contest Winners: March 2020

Written by Admin  Posted on March 30, 2020
Pythia: Chrysa! Chrysa! Oh, what a glorious day! Are you ready?

For what.
Pythia: For announcing the March Site Contest winners, of course! Three cheers for Magic Mage Armor by MagpieM in the Clothing Design category, and Licorne Battle Quotes by Rayne in the Battle Design category! Ooh, they were superb, weren't they?

I suppose, if you account for their inexperience. They're all still unpredictable in battle. Seems rather haphazard, if you ask me. But it seems that they're mostly still alive.
Not just alive - living to the fullest! Squeezing the juice out of life!

Those Snarls will be squeezing the juice out of their lives if they don't shape up. Still, since those winners both earned the most Cheers on their entries, they'll each receive the In the Spotlight Achievement, the Spotlight T-Shirt and the Spotlight Showcase. Furthermore, as promised, the winner of the Battle Contest has received 100 Gems, and the winner of the Clothing Design Contest has won a Custom Clothing Submission.

I’m moving the winning threads to the Archived Contest Winners Forum, while all other entries will be moved to the Past Contest Entries Forum.

Also, I've foreseen that Zephyr will be hosting the April Site Contest, with the theme of Battle to the Golden Colosseum. The categories will be an Art Contest and a Gallery Contest. It will begin on April 13th, so take the time to prepare. Show off galleries full of your spoils of war, or your battle transformations, or favorite new items, or… Curse it, I don't know what your Remnants value. Likewise, any artwork is fine, as long as it has some relation to our Colosseum or the battles that surround us. Doubtless Zephyr will enthuse regardless.

Don't ask me any more about it. I'm not one for cheering.
That's okay, I am! Sssssstupendous job, everyone!

Yes. Stupendous.

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