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Happy Halloweave!

Written by Admin  Posted on October 07, 2019
[Catch up on the Event so far]


Hope nobody minds that I snuck out to this hallway and took my mask off, but this isn't the ONLY party that's happening tonight! I mean… this month? Man, I do NOT understand these Time Magic shenanigans at all. I asked Lycus to explain on the way over, but lemme tell you, if he ever tries to become a professor, his students are doomed.

Anyway, just because I'm partying in here doesn't mean that my spooky time ghost or "temporal shadow" or whatever it's called can't ALSO be partying back in Hope, so get ready for...


WOO! The Abandoned Arcade is open for business again with tons of new amazing outfits! I got inspired by my brother's rad trip to the Solarium, so I tried to make this year's offerings a little more high-tech than usual to record all these spoooooky encounters - and we've got some fancy clothes, too, in honor of this swanky Gala! Plus lots more fun surprises, mwahaha...

Halloweave runs for one month in the outside world, so be sure to grab all your loot before November 7th!

'Course, it's not Halloweave without some trick-or-treating, so all us Hope shopkeepers (or our past selves, or clones, or whATEVER) are gonna sell tasty Gummy Bats!

Just like last year, you can swap the Gummy Bats for past Halloweave items in the Exchange tab of the Bank of Hope, trading them for Exchange Pails full of goodies! I guess you can also drop some extra Shards to grab an Exchange Pail for this year's stuff, too, in case there's something you absolutely gotta have.

BUT THAT'S NOT ALL! The Bank Exchange is ALSO gonna have new spooky recipes, because I'm not the only one behind this year's Halloweave update! Everyone, put your hands together for the coolest kid I know, my awesome pen-pal in person… THE WITCH!

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