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Inside the Everstorm [LOCKED]

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Inside the Everstorm [LOCKED] 7

Inside the Everstorm

by 1412 » October 04, 2017 02:41 AM

Last Edited: November 01, 2017 11:21 AM

Just a heads up this story contains dark themes and something that probably counts as gore and dismemberment. You have been warned.

There was a sudden lack of noise as what could only be described as the opposite of thunder rolled through the tatters.
“...All right, you’ve piqued my curiosity,” a terrorsquid by the name of Kthanid said as their ally began removing their facial features. “humans… that’s not something they can usually do, is it?”

“You’d be right!” 1412 said, tossing his mouth in a disorderly pile of other mouths. It kind of hurt to look at, actually. Kthanid averted their gaze. “the reason for that being… I am not human. Well, not anymore anyway.”

Kthanid took a bit to process this information. Well, it would explain a few things, like the aforementioned face removal, and how 1412’s eyes were usually (but not always) buttons, and also the fact that they’d never actually seen their ally eat. “…but why?” He asked finally.

1412 began wrestling himself into a tuxedo. “Oh, see there’s this creepy faceless internet dude called Slenderman and I thought he’d make an absolutely KILLER costume for a halloweave party-“

“No, why aren’t you human anymore? What happened?”

He fastened a fancy red tie around his neck, turned towards his kith, and sat down. “Well I suppose I’ve got time to tell you. Party doesn't start for an hour or so. Anyway…”

Kthanid blinked, listening intently.

“I was in the tatters when the everstorm hit.”
The world was a twisting, roiling cloud of near indescribable shades of purple, churning dramatically. Direction, destination, and origin didn’t seem to exist. 1412 and his lumence, Niko, were indeed moving, but aside from Niko’s insistence that they were getting somewhere, there was no indication that any progress was being made.

Just another typical day of helping out friends separated by the apocalypse. 1412 began mumbling to himself, repeating what everyone needed. “lessee… Lenta’s curious to see if they can enchant a muffin tin into… iunno, a teapot or something, Dizzy’s been waiting on a cream soda for the past week, Kei wanted a… ugh, that’s right, a magic amulet for his siblings, that's gonna be a pain to wait for-“

“Ooh, can we get a magic amulet? That sounds like it could be fun to mess with!” Niko looked at him, eyes gleaming.

1412 considered this for a bit. “…you know what to be honest I don’t know why we don’t have at least three already. Kei usually pays pretty well for this sort of thing, we can pick one out after we give him his.”

The lumence’s cheering was cut off by a sudden angry purple flash as the unreality around them darkened. The two stopped. That was new. The Tatters may be tumultuous and eternally shifting, but they were tumultuous and eternally shifting in a consistent manner. They’ve never just flashed like that before. And now that you mention it their shifting did seem a bit quicker than usual, roiling with what almost seemed like mali-

There was a sudden and complete lack of noise as what could only be described as the opposite of thunder rolled through the tatters. The silence engulfed them, shaking what would be the ground if they were in a place where things made sense, knocking 1412 to his knees. Niko, who had been cheerfully flying in loops, began circling around him, trying to speak. When the silence subsided, they managed to get out “Are you o-“ before there was another dark flash, this one much, much closer. Directly between the two, in fact.

They were thrown apart by the force of the strike, each realizing the ramifications of this development just a moment too late. They reached towards each other, both doing so just in time to barely miss the other’s hand (or paw) and see the tatters shift, separating them with a jagged, violet mass of nothing.
No one ever returns from the Tattered Weave.

Or so the warnings said, anyway. 1412 sincerely hoped this had changed since the Enchanted Forest was discovered. Granted, when they said that they were talking about people without Kith… darn it Niko where were you?

After they’d been separated, he’d immediately run towards where Niko was flung, but after a long run there was still no sign of them. Heck he wasn’t even certain he was moving at all without Niko; there was still the movements of something that was not air when moved, but the increasingly-violent Tatters around him seemed to resist his progress, and the frequent flashes and unnervingly quiet periods didn’t help matters.

The only reason he hadn’t completely given up was that he could still feel his ally somewhere in the Tatters. That was fine. Great, even. All they had to do was get back together and book it back to Hope. Kei’s amulet could wait until the void had calmed down a bit. Of course, this was still easier said than done, as direction really didn’t mean anything in the tatters. All he could do was keep going and hope that kith could figure something out.

As he was passing by a particularly malevolent-looking bunch of purple, he felt a small slash of pain on the side of his hand. He held it up to his face and jumped a bit, his blood running cold as he saw that the small wound wasn’t bleeding, or even red at all.

Instead, the cut on his hand glowed with a pale pink light, with what looked like a few cut threads dangling from it. He reached up, slowly, and poked it out of morbid curiosity, immediately regretting this decision as the wound split more, loose threads continuing to spill out as he lost feeling in a couple of fingers.

Oh no.
No one ever returns from the Tattered Weave.

Niko had always wondered why everyone always said that.

They and 1412 had gone into the tatters loads of times before, usually even multiple times in a day. They were always popping off to the Enchanted Forest for rock candy, or cool clothes, or to help test some of Dizzy’s toys, or any number of reasons. They’d come back fine each time, returning to have a good night’s rest before waking up and doing it again the next day.
Of course, they’d never been separated before.
Being alone in the tatters was a wholly different experience than being there with an ally. Even though they were (probably?) a creature of the Tatters, they had never really gone in on their own before. they weren’t aware of any kith who had, really, aside from Rusty, and… well. Niko didn’t know if that was something that happened to all kith or just those twisted by abandonment, and no matter how much they may have wanted to know the answer learning it firsthand didn’t seem like the best idea.

As a kith, they had an extremely rough idea of where their ally was in relation to them, but their senses were dulled by the horrible encompassing silences that swept through every so often, and by the time the noise returned their bond pointed them in a different direction. Whether this weird storm was messing him up because of tatters weirdness, or if 1412 was just moving wasn’t clear, but Niko knew with a horrible certainty that they couldn’t keep this up for much longer.

They winced as another purple bolt arced through the area, emitting yet another burst of mute thunder shortly afterwards. This one came unnervingly close; the last few strikes seemed to be getting closer. This one was near enough that they had felt it reaching hungrily at their tail, eager to unwind the fur, skin, and anything else that was there until nothing was left.

Niko felt a sinking feeling in their stomach. They had to leave 14 behind. For the moment anyway. As much as they hated to, there wasn’t much point in them both being destroyed by the Tatters. Tossing a tearful apology over their shoulder, they headed back towards the one connection that had remained in its relative place- towards Hope, and more importantly towards Iris. She’d probably know what to do.

She’d have to.
1412 was hurrying through the tatters as fast as he could, which was both metaphorically and literally painfully slow. It didn’t help that he was trying to avoid moving his hand much, for fear of it fraying more. Not to mention all the purple here. He was sick of the color. If he ever got back to Hope the first thing he’d do was throw all of his purple clothes directly into the most scientific looking container in the Lab and leave them to melt.
He closed his eyes a bit to focus on the feeling of his kith. It had been getting weaker no matter what direction he made the effort to move in. But now, it was gone completely. The familiar, comforting presence that had been there since his first day in Hope, was gone.

He was alone. He was alone and going to die. How long would it take them to figure it out? When Iris realized that the oddly-named human and their more sensibly named lumence never did return from what was supposed to be a short trip? When Nic called roll and, for the fifth day in a row, didn’t get a response after his name? Or worse, what if they never found out at all, just forgetting about him somehow?

His heavy thoughts burdening him, he slowed and soom came to a stop, a slashing pain in his ankle sending him to his knees as the void around him flashed once again. He began to sob quietly, tears falling from his face and unravelling before they had time to hit anything.

So this was it, then. The end.
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Re: Inside the Everstorm

by 1412 » October 04, 2017 02:42 AM


Niko popped out of the tatters just in time to see Andre’s shop explode.

The tatters around him were twisting chaotically, suddenly encroaching upon the edges of Hope that had remained safe for years. A bright purple crack darted around the sky, connecting with its chimney and vanishing. A loose, jagged, glowing network of pink light expanded through the structure from the point of contact before suddenly tightening and utterly annihilating the entire store and its contents, chunks of rubble and scraps of fabric trailing loose threads (and Threads) as they fell.

Niko looked on in horrified awe, almost missing seeing the tailor and his lumence pop out the front door, escaping remarkably unscathed. Fray was already gathering up scraps with an inventive look in his eye as Iris, Lycus, and a hologram of Lenta ran towards the devastation. After the initial shock wore off, Niko flew over to the group.

Iris’s thoughts were torn away from poor Andre’s shop and the horrifying storm attempting to rend reality to shreds due to the sudden appearance of a red lumence. The new kith nearly plowed into her, babbling incoherently all the while. “OhthankgoodnessIrisIneedhelpmeand1412wereinthetattersgoingtotheenchantedforestandweweregonnagetsomeamuletsand-“

Ah, a panicking kith. Something she could deal with. She’d comforted many of the younger ones during storms before. Of course on the other hand, those were the regular, non-cataclysmic kind… She nuzzled the kith affectionately, trying to remember just who this one was. Ah, yes, Niko, that was right. “Don’t worry, Niko,” she said in a soft voice. “we’ll make it through this.” Probably. Hopefully.

Niko calmed down somewhat under her care, but was very clearly on edge; tail straight and rigid… and… torn slightly... smoldering with ominous purple light…

“Ah… Niko,” she said carefully,”now that you’ve calmed down… what exactly is the problem? And,” she added after an additional moment’s consideration “where is your ally, 1412?”

“-he’s in the tattersaloneand-“

Iris’ eyes widened as Niko started talking illegibly again. Oh. Oh dear.

Nearby, Lycus looked over. Having weather Andre’s anger towards him, and feeling hot with shame and embarrassment after what happened to Tailored Fashions due to his work, he desired to be pretty much anywhere else. Like the Tatters, for instance.

Catching the tail end of Iris’ conversation with the red lumence, he was gripped by the sudden realization that he might be responsible for someone’s death, espescially if he stayed silent.

“E-excuse me,” he walked towards Iris, stumbling a bit. “do you think w-we could m-maybe save him? I mean… there might still be t-time… and the s-storm does look a bit… less stormy…”

Iris looked towards the tatters to find he was right. Now, instead of roiling with hatred as they had been, they were now merely seething with anger. And already students were pouring out of the Lab, sonars in hand, eager to explore whatever new land they’d discovered. And returning shortly afterward, she noted with relief. “…I suppose we could try.”

“Ooooh! Oooh!” Fray dropped the pile of canvas they were holding and lept towards Andre. “Can we come too? The tatters’re all jagged! ‘Ve never seen ‘em like this before!” He began circling his head merrily.

“I don’t think so… Sorry Fray, I’m not sure how much I trust the Tatters right now… ” Fray began to pout. “…but if you want you can wait for them to get back… I really need to clean some of this up…” he was gone before Andre had finished talking, eagerly zipping towards the tatters, chittering with some of the unallied kith.

After Iris repaired Niko’s slightly tattered tail, she, Niko and Lycus set out into the tatters once again.
1412 was shaken out of this downward emotional spiral by another deep, consuming silence that made it hard to think about anything at all. When he recovered though… he felt something. Something familiar. Something comforting. Something that seemed to be getting closer.

He wiped the tears from his eyes with his remaining whole hand as he focused on that feeling, that wonderful bond between him and his kith, and was surprised to see that he knew where they were coming from. What’s more, there was another feeling in the same general direction, unidentifiable but no less welcome.

He pulled himself to his feet, stumbling a bit as his heel came loose and unravelled behind him, and limped off. chasing after Niko with the desperation of a moth chasing a lightbulb, even as his arm began to unspool, the threads making up his remaining fingers twisting away into the nothingness.

There was a sudden tearing sound and steely slash of pain as his remaining fingers split open, dangling threads that soon untangled themselves and vanished entirely, and another as one of this legs joined them. And still he continued. Despite his leg fading away, he hobbled on. Despite the sudden absence of half his torso, he pulled himself forward. Despite the disappearance of his arms, he flailed desperately. And because of his head splitting open with a sound that would have been horrifying, had he been in a state to hear it, he began to cease.

The last things he was aware of was a few hazy images of a glass jar, a roughly human-shaped wooden figure, a needle with gleaming pink thread, and a pair of emerald buttons. And that was all.

“And then what happened?” Kthanid asked, tentacles writhing slightly. That story had been a bit much, even for them.

“the group brought the few shreds that remained of me back to hope in a jar. Andre, Lycus, and Iris disappeared for a bit, and told Niko and Fray not to follow. I don’t quite know what they did, exactly, but when I woke up I was more or less possessing a mannequin from Andre’s shop. I had to use buttons for eyes and have Kei draw my face on with makeup, but somehow it all worked properly, more or less. It took a bit to get used to, but it was certainly better than being torn apart by the Tatters.”

Kthankid considered this information. “And this really happened?” they curled a tentacle dubiously.

“Not at all, I just made it up. Makes for a decent story though, eh?” 1412 smiled, despite his lack of a mouth, and turned towards the door. “Now if you’ll excuse me I’d like to enter the avatar contest. I won’t be too long!”

“But then how’d you-“ Kthanid was cut off by the door closing behind him as he left. They sighed, thrashing their tentacles in irritation. Seems like they weren’t getting an answer for the moment…

In an effort to distract themselves, they looked out the window at the cool October sky. The moon was full, hanging high in the sky over Hope, illuminating Niko and a few other winged kith darting around over the town. Mm, it had gotten late, hadn’t it? Oh well. They supposed questions could wait until morning.
They wriggled over to their nest, stashed in a dark corner of 1412’s closet, and wormed their way in, soon getting comfortable and falling fast asleep.

And that's that. Feel free to share this on Tattered Weave social media. More or less the only one I use is my tumblr in case you wanted to link it.
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