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Kith-Shaped Nuggets by Dread won the Item Design Spotlight! No kith were harmed in the making of these nuggets.
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New Items: User Submissions!

Written by Admin  Posted on January 18, 2019
I've heard you kiddos have been all abuzz about some S.O.S. signal nonsense. I hope you just remember what happened last time y'all all accepted an invitation through the Tatters. Last thing I want is Hope getting overrun by any replicate cyborg body-snatcher jerks. I got a good thing going here and wouldn't take to kindly to someone messing that up for me.

Speaking of a good thing, y'all been busy huh? My almost-vacation from shelving over the winter break was short lived, it seems, and the site's fantastic creators have all come back in full swing. Hope you kiddos can take some time out of your fancy new questing endeavors to check out these new items. You wouldn't forget old Shady and his artist pals, would ya?

Business Pants Selection - ( White Business Pants, Pink Business Pants )
Artisanal Lipsticks Selection - ( Dusk Lipstick Fangs )
Glamour Dress Selection - ( Flame Glamour Dress, Edgy Glamour Dress )
Eye-Deal Body Selection - ( Red Eye-Deal Body, Cyan Eye-Deal Body )
Plus Size Sweater Selection - ( Indigo Plus Size Sweater, Pink Plus Size Sweater )
Plus Size Jeans Selection - ( Black Plus Size Jeans )
Black Plus Size Business Pants
Plus Size Business Shirt
Black Plus Size Business Jacket
Wine Plus Size Turtleneck
Blue Circuitry
Cyan Digital Rain
Breathing Mask
Furious Eyes
Midnight Fluffy Ponytail

Long Undercut Selection - ( Black Long Undercut )
Floppy Sweater Selection - ( Pink Floppy Sweater, Lapis Floppy Sweater
Double Barrettes Selection - ( Yellow Double Barrettes )
Anime Blush Selection - ( Red Anime Blush, Tone 03 Anime Blush
Ruffled Mini Skirt Selection - ( White Ruffled Mini Skirt, Yellow Ruffled Mini Skirt, Red Ruffled Mini Skirt, Black Ruffled Mini Skirt )
The Rain's Mask
Dramatic Tears

Moth King of Moths:
Emperor Moth Wings

Wavy Undercut Selection - ( Cobalt Wavy Undercut )
Cyberpunk Den Selection- ( Blue Cyberpunk Den, Magenta Cyberpunk Den, Tattered Cyberpunk Den )
Basic Waistcoat Selection - ( Black Basic Waistcoat, Gray Basic Waistcoat, Gold Basic Waistcoat, Indigo Basic Waistcoat, Lavender Basic Waistcoat, Red Basic Waistcoat, White Basic Waistcoat )
Rough Cloak

Foil Crown Selection - ( Ruby Foil Crown )

Braid Extensions Selection - ( Cobalt Braid Extensions )
Emote Bubbles Selection - ( Lit Bubble )
Crop Top Selection - ( Black Crop Top )

Beanie Selection - ( Black Beanie, Indigo Beanie, Frost Beanie )
Infernal Claws Selection - ( Infernal White Claws )

Cowboy Boots Selection - ( Monochrome Cowboy Boots, Lustrous Cowboy Boots )
Light Power Princess Suit
Power Princess Headpiece
The Knight's Mask

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