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Server Outage Alert

Written by Admin  Posted on August 10, 2017
The Amazon server which handles all of our time-based functions like the shop restocks has crashed and cannot reconnect. Until the problem gets resolved you may experience issues on the site. Please be patient as we wait on Amazon's support team to respond. We're very sorry for any inconvenience!

Edit: The server should be working for everyone now!

Edit #2 (12:40CHT): In the interest of clarity, I want to explain what seems to be going on in case there is another hiccup. The server which handles all timer events, like shop restocks and quests, has had a critical failure at its Amazon location. We have it automatically set to refresh itself whenever a problem arises, since that usually fixes any issues without anyone ever noticing anything wrong on the site, but because Amazon has yet to resolve the problem, it's stuck in refresh mode. I have created a replacement server to handle the timer events and that is why the site is working again! However, this means that when the original server is back online, every timer will run twice. (Oh dear.) I have set an email alert so that I can turn off the extra server when this happens, but you may notice some double-timer issues if you happen to be on the site before I have turned it off! What will that look like, exactly? Well, worst-case scenario, it may restock the shops twice in a row every 6 minutes (making rare items even more difficult to grab), and deduct 2 points of Reputation per character during the daily quest assignment. But this will only be temporary! Once there is only one working timer server we should have the site working exactly as intended again.

Edit #3 (12:53CHT): Woohoo, that was fast! No double timer issues should happen for you, as the original server is now back up and the replacement has been turned off.

Thanks very much for your patience and understanding!

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