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They said that if you kiss every tulip as you weave it into a crown, the person you give it to will fall in love with you.
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Devoted to Dollmaker

Joined: July 28, 2019 Active Kith: Vasuki
Birthday: May 15 Kith Alliances: 4
I am: a writer Forum Posts: 277
Call me: Lynn Website: N/A
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  • 04/02
    Re: April Fools!

    {{OOC: Ah, thanks for the clarification, [@Himochi]! I'll go take the slashed books off my WL since they aren't readily available. And I'll thank the staff again for changing the April Fools book event to this format. Bc, there are some days when I'll be able to live in Shady's store, grabbing bundles off the shelves while doing the hourlies, and then there are some days where I might have five minutes to look at the site--if I'm lucky. So having all month to grab as many copies and I can get my hands on? Lovely. I fully support doing it this way again next year.... (Mostly so I can eventually have a kith that's consumed all friend-fictions.....)}}

  • 04/02
    Re: April Fools!

    ((OoC: Thanks [@Leslie]! So does that mean the Slashed books are available year round, though rarely? This is my first April Fools here, so I’m trying to understand—I mean, I totally get how this year works, but I’m wondering how previous years have gone down, and how the slashed books fit into the festivities.... If at all! Still, thank you for changing up the format this year. It’s dangerous for me to stalk Shady’s shop for these bundles (I have so many new hairstyles...) but I can’t resist good writing! :D))

  • 04/02
    Re: April Fools!

    (OOC: Hmm, since I can't send my kith to buy any of the slashed books, I'm guessing I have to play roulette with having everyone finding me rando items this month. Well then... >3 Game on~)

  • 04/01
    Re: April Fools!

    Ah yes, The Song Of My People!! Now to just hunt down every story with Dollmaker and Hero... and Scribe... and Shay... and Kyprian... (maybe Zephyr too) For research purposes, I swear! Totally just research, on, um, writing styles. Not planning, like, a huge collab next year or anything... See? This is my 'totally innocent' face! .... (*Psst* hey, [@Shady Character]... how do you or [@Club] feel about gift-fics? That's probably legit, yeah? I know what it's like to be running on empty when you need to feed the creative fires. Just one way I can think of to give back, ya know?)

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    Lynn is a 'young' man of indeterminate age. The one thing for sure is that he's an adult. Where he came from, no one knows, but he hopes to find his way back home someday.

    At the time, Lynn's home was known as the 5 kingdoms--which is a little misleading, since it was four nations centered around a capital city. He nation/country belonged to one of the sacred directional beasts, with the top beast ruling the central city. The 5 Kingdoms were a very happy and harmonious place.

    Lynn's livelihood there was being a guard in the East capital city. But just because that was what he'd been born to do, that didn't mean he liked it. Lynn's heart and imagination were more attuned to writing stories and telling tales and creating worlds for people to enjoy.

    But all of that meant nothing when his world was shattered.

    Alive during his world's cataclysm, Lynn fell between the cracks opened by the shattering. Falling through time and space, the only thing that kept him from becoming undone was the protection of sacred beasts--something granted to all born in their domain. But as he fell, that protection burned away, taking with it his ability to innately find his way back home.

    Falling into a strange new world, Lynn has been wandering from world to world making many... questionable choices to stay alive. But the man has finally found his way to Hope... and maybe, with some help, he'll be able to find a place to belong.


    The Writer:

    Forever at odds with the Narrator, The Writer cannot stand how the other seems incapable of handling constructive criticism and his near constant abuse of 'creative license'. Before there was a Scribe, the Writer handled the scripts, spinning out long and detailed stories that the Narrator insisted the audience would find too cumbersome to follow. Thus the Narrator took said artistic license to punch up those scripts and turn them into something more 'exciting'.

    This angered The Writer, as while they had given the Narrator leeyway in how they delivered and presented the story, it was supposed to be the Writers words coming out. But no matter what the Writer wrote, the Narrator took joys in twisting it, effectively silencing the Writer's voice. Worse yet, the role of the Writer is not one meant to interfere with the stage; the pieces are meant to speak for themselves and are, literally, the Writer's voice.

    Having to watch day in and day out as the Narrator turned aside beauty for his own amusement and claims that it was all for the better--without disclosing exactly what he was working towards or citing his sources and reasons for doing so--the Writer despaired. He wasn't allowed to interfere. He had no power on the stage. The Writer could only write, with no control on how others interpreted his words.

    There was no way he could directly help... as long as he was the Writer.

    The Writer's full face mask is plain white, like parchment, save for two ink dots for eyes and the simplest hooked curve to give the impression of a nose.

    The Shield:

    The One Who Protects---Even At Great Cost To Themselves.

    In a fit of desperation, the Writer took on a second role... in a way.

    The embodiment of his will to help and protect those he had been unable to reach for so long, the Shield role is one of sacrificing for the sake of others. Be it small things like giving up an umbrella to keep the Witch from melting, to holding back a chorus of bandits with nothing but a Naginata so that the town can evacuate, the Shield is self-sacrificing.... to a fault.

    The Shield's half face mask is actually a broken mask that only covers the top half of their face. This leaves everything under their nose exposed to the audience, which is good since their mouth is very expressive to compensate for their eyes being mostly hidden. The cracked edges of the mask are sharp and there are many marks of ink on the Shield's face to indicate where they have been hurt by their role. More over, whenever the Shield has an onstage outfit change, it is very easy to see ink marks up their arms and haphazardly covering their body, indicating all the times and ways they have been somehow called (either by request or self imposed) to protect others.

    The Shield is a supporting role. Not one for the limelight, the Shield is more comfortable working in the margins. Staying out of the spotlight means that the Shield has little power or influence, even if his actions have far-reaching consequences. It's a fair trade to keep from catching the Narrator's interest. An unfailingly friendly role, the Shield is always trying to smile through the pain for the sake of others... even if it leaves them in tears.

    The One In The Mirror:

    That would be... me, the one writing all of this. I guess you might call me the Other Lynn--the one from... offstage.

    I'm still working out what to put here and who I am. I'd like to say I'm a nice person? I like making friends and I'm having so much fun playing around the remnants.

    I like writing and I like giving gifts and I want to help this community grow. Please don't ever be afraid to friend me or message me. I do take fic requests, but I'm not doing so right now.

    I've unlocked all currently available remnants. Now I’m working on making my ships canon and writing too many TW fics.

    Someday, I hope to make the 5 Kingdoms a reality too.


    from Rayne » February 13, 2020 10:34 AM

    Lazu and I are in agreement that you are a rotten criminal, and your crimes are making us feel things with your sweet, sweet letters tot he NPCs, ESPECIALLY the letter to Hero. ;n;

    Good job

    from IvoryHearts » January 29, 2020 09:32 PM

    I am Not Smart and just realized you gifted a trident--thank you so much aaaaaaa! Bonnie thanks you as well; now to see how long it is before she loses this one lol

    from Lazurite » January 10, 2020 04:03 PM

    I hope you realize that, by taking in Blazes, you've intertwined our stories irreversibly.

    from MossyWitch » January 07, 2020 04:18 PM

    aaaaaaa oh my goodness thank you so much >-< <3 <3 <3

    from MossyWitch » January 07, 2020 03:39 AM

    Yeah!! They were an eldritch being?? deal maker?? something?? i still gotta work out that idea ahahaha.

    and oooo good idea!! i generally stick to onomatopeia, but i appreciate how pretty all your kith names are :D
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