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Our Lady of Perpetual Roses by Ruevian won the Avatar Spotlight! In a hidden garden stands a forgotten artifact, frozen in time and gradually being overtaken by roses and greenery.
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Code Update: 7/1/17

Written by Admin  Posted on July 01, 2017
This Little Pig will be updating within the hour to fix some bugs and change some gameplay aspects. Some of these intentional changes were part of the last game update but were not properly explained, so I'm very sorry for any confusion that may have caused!

Power, Speed, and Guard should now show the correct ability that was rewarded after playing. (They were misreading the abilities before and consistently reporting the wrong ability.)

Only apples reward Kith ability points now. Apples carry over between plays, so if you lose when you only needed 4 more apples to get another ability point, replaying means that you still only need 4 more apples.

Bonus items like the golden apple, sprout, and wet lawnmowers will only reward Shards, not Kith ability points. As of this update, the sprout will only reduce your pig's stem if it has a stem to reduce. (Previously the sprout could continue to reduce your pig's stem to negative numbers.)

The change in keyboard controls should mean that the pig cannot do a 180 into its stem (like by hitting the left arrow key while the pig is moving right) but you may still be able to hit the stem if you click too rapidly on the keys (like by hitting the up arrow key while the pig is moving right, then hitting the left arrow key before the pig has moved far enough away from its stem).

I think that covers it! If not, I'm sorry, I've been traveling all day and I'm very tired. ^^; Please report any new problems to the Technical Support thread if they come up. Thank you all for helping to make Tattered Weave the best it can be!

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