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New Hairstyles: Textured Curls

Written by Admin  Posted on April 18, 2017
Put A Ringlet On It

You know with Miranda getting ready to leave for her adventure, I’ve been thinking about her hair a whole lot. I didn’t often get the chance to play with it, save when she came in to have her braids tightened after they managed to grow out. Thinking about it, I realized that the Salon doesn’t have that many options for textured hair. To rectify that I now have four new styles for you lovely people!

To start is the classic Afro Hairstyle. This is a medium sized one that is fairly manageable; it won’t deflate too easily but it does still take some maintenance to keep up the volume. Next is the Kinked Curls Hairstyle which you just can’t beat for stylish texture. It is the perfect look for those of you who might not be so fond of having your hair brushed to keep it’s form.

The adorable Ringlet Curls Hairstyle is a personal favorite of mine. It is such a sweet style, isn’t it? All that spring, all that lively movement! Sure it takes a while to put in, but that just means more time spent with me!

Speaking of time spent, I have an updated look for an old classic with the Afro Pompadour Hairstyle. It’s a lot easier to do than it might look so don’t let that scare you off from coming in for a new ’do!

In the interest of fairness to all of you with textured hair, I’ll be giving the Afro Hairstyle and Buzzcut Hairstyle in the five default hair colors for free to all new users. Please contact me with a Trade request if you’d like one free copy of each for yourself!

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