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How do I activate these by Haiz won the Art Spotlight! Who would've thought the Commander had so many admirers? Actually... I'm not very surprised at all.
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Code Update: 8/29/22

Written by Admin  Posted on August 29, 2022
A few bug fixes are coming to the site today regarding the site clocks and gardening. We have updated the buttons on the Gardening page to fix the bug causing fertilizer and seeds to disappear into the weave, so hopefully that problem is now solved for good!

As for the site clocks, we have adjusted a few ways the site compares timestamps in an attempt to fix the bugs caused by daily/weekly/monthly timers. The Daily Login Streak is our focus right now, so this update should solve issues with incorrect days and rewards from your Daily Login Streak! Unfortunately this does mean we had to reset everyone's current streak to Day 1, so I apologize for that inconvenience.

Finally, we are slowly rolling out a few updates to the way new users register an account. Over the next few weeks, new users will be able to immediately start playing on the site in a restricted form until they complete their email confirmation. We hope this will help new users feel immediately welcome and interested in the site while still keeping the community aspects (such as the Forums, Marketplace, Messages, etc.) protected from spam accounts.

If you notice any bugs or problems, please let us know in the Technical Support Forum and we will try to get those fixed as soon as possible!.Thank you all again for helping to make Tattered World the best it can be!

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