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From Davy Jones's Locker by Rayne won the Avatar Spotlight! Many a soul has been claimed by the sea ne'er to resurface but some come back, clawing their way to shore out of the grasp of the deep searching for their living crewmates and long-lost treasure hoards.
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New Items: Coral Reef Salads!

Written by Admin  Posted on August 08, 2022
Aaahh, you're back! O vigilant heroes, fierce firefighting friends, I am SO relieved to see you safe and sound in the Coral Reef again! When I heard the stories of your most recent adventures, I could hardly believe it! How fearful! How terrifying! How dramatic! You see what happens when you spend a summer vacationing in a place where all the water is FROZEN?! But you solved it with the power of delicious food!! Well, growing food anyway… Oooh, Robin says she’s so proud of you all!

Yes, she and I have a splashy correspondence now~ I admit, back when our beautiful Fraycation summer fling was tragically cut short, I assumed she was just a cruel heartbreaker like all the other lovely land ladies I've known! SOB! But… after the recent events with Specter, I found myself… reconsidering a few things. I think… maybe I blew things a teeeeensy bit out of proportion? After all, though our romance was meaningful and passionate, it lasted such a short time, and we did have fun together…

So I reached out again, and ooh, it turns out we make even better pen pals than paramours! Robin has all the best gossip on land, and of course I'm the expert about who's doing what down in the depths~ So she’s been keeping me updated about all of the excitement with the Scourge!!! Hasn’t she been just amazing?

And so I, Tethys, had the most beautiful of brilliant ideas! We should celebrate Robin and her wonderful gardening… by buying lots of things from MY shop! Yes, the ocean can grow tasty plants, too, you know! Not that we need to do any of the actual menial labor yet… Let’s leave the gardening to the octopuses for now.

Instead, I’ll pick some of the bounty and toss them together in a lovely shell, and then we'll have… a Pickled Seaweed Salad! Hm, or should I put some meat into it and make a Low Tide Salad? No, no, no, wait, that’s much too boring to celebrate someone as vibrant as Robin… We’ll add some land vegetables in her honor! Land and Sea Salad it is~

But… just vegetables? Really, doesn’t everybody just want something a little squirmier that you can dig your teeth into? Like a Clam Ceviche Salad! Hmm - refreshing, yes, with a great mouth feel, but it's missing something... a little spice, maybe? Ooh, I know, I'll make a Spicy Whelk Salad! Or better yet, mmm, why not skip the vegetables entirely and have a delicious Tuna Poke Bowl! Delectable! Inspired! …Missing the point. Right, right… Celebrating gardening

WAIT! I’ve been struck with inspiration like lightning from an Everstorm!! I’ll just lump together all the rest of the leftover seaweed into a tasty portrait! See? With my expert crafting, we have a perfect pile of sea vegetables that looks exactly like Robin! Ooh, I’ve dazzled myself with my own artistic expertise! SWOON!

Who wants to see my crowning glory? Dione!! O agreeable Dione, come over and look at my newest culinary masterpiece! TADA~

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