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New Quests: Gloryglint!

Written by Admin  Posted on July 19, 2022
Gloryglint's Quests are finally here! You can now access her Daily and Hourly Quests if you have unlocked the Snow Globe, though it may take up to 24 hours for the new Quests to appear on your account. You can also send a Kith to help Gloryglint if you'd like to raise reputation with her that way! Are you sure you trust your Kith to go see her alone, though...?

Now that all the Snow Globe Characters can become Devoted to you, we have Forum Banners available for everyone! You can preview the five new shop banners in this thread here and purchase them from the Pick A Part: NPC Shop Banner in the Headmaster's Office or from the links in the thread. Anyone who earns the maximum devotion of all five Snow Globe NPCs will also earn the Snow Globe Explorer Achievement, which rewards a free Map of Snow Globe Banner!

Finally, we have a Snowy Letter of Recommendation for sale in the Headmaster's Office for anyone who wants to fast-track their way to Devoted with the Snow Globe Characters!

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