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To Reach One's Goals by Begitte won the Avatar Spotlight! Unmaking is all fun and games until you've gone too far. And once there, there's no turning back. So be ready to offer up anything - be it your very body and soul - to reach your goals...
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Code Update: 5/20/22

Written by Admin  Posted on May 20, 2022
This morning I'm slowly rolling out an update to every single Strategy in battle, including the Snarls' attacks (a total of over 300 unique calculations!) so please report any strangeness or bugs to the Technical Support Forum if you notice them. This update recalculates damage based on the attacker and target's ability scores in a way that should eliminate the 'page not found' bug that can cause a battle to become unable to continue. However, since every single calculation has to be updated, there could be new bugs showing up as a result, particularly with damage skewing way higher or lower than it did before. Obviously, it is my deepest hope that I got all my calculations correct on the first try LOL but I am only human and out of 300 calculations it's likely that at least one of them is imperfect. Thank you all so much for your patience and participation in the continuous testing of our battle system as I strive to get it working perfectly for everyone, no matter their play style!

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