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New Items: March User Submissions!

Written by Admin  Posted on March 31, 2022
I can feel it down to my tootsies - it's almost SPRING!!!

All the fresh new colors n' flowers poppin' up all over!! Spring is the BESTEST season!!!! I'm so excited to be able to fly around n' see all the sights!! I'm gonna collect a whole bouquet of flowers for Andre to inspire some new designs!

O'course I'm still a RESPONSIBLE Fray so before I go out to play, I gotta help Mal Loup get Damaged Droid Lumence back into some semblance of 'together' to go outside. Maybe we can tape an empty plastic baggy around their leg? That should probably be waterproof enough to fend off any surprise spring puddles, right??

But then we also gotta plan for any early spring flurries, since the snow seems to be really stickin' around 'cause of the Snow Globe. 'Sokay, though, not everyone minds!! Kreszia11 has totally taken inspiration from it an' brought along her new friends Prism Jeweled Tiarystal n' Spectrum Jeweled Tiarystal to play in the last of our snow drifts! Though one of 'em is way better at playin' hide n' seek in the current weather than the other...

OMIGOSH I FORGOT!!!! I was supposed to go help at the Backstage Broker with stapler duty!! It's so much fun to bounce up and down on it! I gotta go everyone, I'll see you all later!!!!

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