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Licorne Battle Quotes by Rayne won the Writing Spotlight! In honor of my very first kith, a Licorne, I will attempt to give our graceful friends their voices in battle.?
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New Items: January Kith Submissions!

Written by Admin  Posted on January 31, 2022
All rightie-o, team! We've got a missin' bun on our hands, n' I don't mean the sticky kind!! Well, actually Club is pretty sticky pretty often, BUT I'M TALKIN' 'BOUT THE HOPPIN' AND BOPPIN' SORTA BUN!!!!!

Things're dire out there, between the Snarls n' snow n' slowly-shatterin' protective dome of the Snow Globe - Club could be anywhere!!!

We've checked her normal spots an' favorite dumpsters but turned up empty-handed. We gotta expand our search!

Moth King of Moths, I'm sorry to send you out into the cold, but you have the most eyes n' feelers to spread around to search in the snow. Plus your friendly
Fur-Bearing Whimperial has that sweet fuzzy warm coat to let 'em swim around in the snow no problem! We just need to give 'em this lil' cask of steaming-hot Gem-flavored water I made to free anyone they find buried out in that blizzard!

Inside, I'll split up the hunt between here an' the Snow Globe's caverns between me, Rogue, and
Crocodylo Scalyx! Crocodylo should probably keep to the warmer areas; I don't think they're really built for the snow. But with a cute face like that, I bet they'll have nooo problems talkin' to the local Dwellers about any missin' purple buns they've seen!

Make sure you all pack a buncha snacks! I'll be mannin' the radio here at Kith Fashions to keep everyone in the loop!! (Or is that "Kithin' the radio"??)

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