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New Premium Items: Specterfin Badge!

Written by Admin  Posted on October 04, 2021
Ahhhh, thank the tides for these solitary caverns, just to take a brief moment for myself and my Kith. Bah... Dione's probably right that we shouldn't let the Snarls catch us completely alone, but the three of you have enough teeth to turn any monster into sea foam, don't you? Hhehh.

Besides, the Seabed’s been so crowded I can barely hear myself think in there, with the Shimmerfins endlessly swimming in with more refugees from the Snarl attacks... All of them constantly fussing and jostling in terror, until I have to snap at them to mind the babies... My gills are barely able to breathe in my own home!

And every day it’s growing even more crowded! They’re packing folks in there like sardines... Hrrmph, it’s not healthy for Merfolk to be so contained. We’re built to roam out in the open seas, starting from the moment we claw free of our eggs, our shell memories humming in our heads!

Bah. I’ll endure what I can, but I'll be glad when this is over and done, and I can have some tranquil solitude again. It's making me miss the times way back when I wouldn’t see another living soul for months on end...

All right, that's enough of that. I'd best get back to the others. Better not to press my luck out here. I’ll just brace myself to push back into the teeming Seabed, which is sure to be-


Curious... Was there an attack in the hour I was gone? Did the Shimmerfins suddenly move all the Merfolk to a deeper trench? But why wouldn’t they have left anyone behind, to guard the eggs and -

Where are the eggs...

No... NO! They should be - they should be SAFE here! An entire generation waiting to be hatched - our future - everything we'd started to rebuild -

What’s this...? A new current, shifting through the sea...? And there - crawling shapes, slithering up from the depths! More Snarls?! No... Wait...

No, it's... the Shimmerfins returning! But... Odd, they’ve stripped away their ceremonial armor in favor of new transformations... And those eyes... so empty...

You two there, with the Green Specterfin Helm and Green Specterfin Stinging Skirt... Are you well?! Answer me! What is the matter with...? They’re just drifting in this chilling tide... And here comes another in a Green Specterfin Gown, pulsing with an ominous light, with that Green Specterfin Tendril Hair writhing- baring new toothy Green Specterfin Maws at me...!

Shimmerfins! I am not your foe! Can you hear me? Can you sense me at all? They're advancing... Ah, curse it, I'm cornered against the cavern walls...

But how were they overcome? I can feel their magic, powerful as ever... No. No, that power, it's not coming from them...

It’s emanating from the sea itself, mounting and building into...

Ooh, how unfortunate...

Hhhh - that voice...!

I've been terribly wrecked to be so alone... But no longer! Oh, this will be fun, I can feel it!

Just wait until you see all the delights we’ll enjoy together... But first! A true captain should let her first mate handle the messy little details, shouldn’t she? Hehehe...

Aargh... That SOUND! It's resonating with the entire ocean - drowning everything out-!

And... what's that giant, dark shape...? Rising out of the trenches... getting closer...

And closer......


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