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Voodoo Kabob by Jasmine won the Craft Spotlight!
I was looking through some recipes and got inspired...so here's what I made! What are the screws for? Oh...nothing...
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New Items: September User Submissions!

Written by Admin  Posted on September 30, 2021
Everybody!!! I know lotsa scary stuff is happenin' right now out in the Coral Reef, but it's more important now than ever before to make sure you're using the BBKBS! The Best Buddy Kith Buddy System! That means keeping your best buddy Kith around with you ALL THE TIME! I've got Andre on a hard lockdown- see this thread on my tail? It's tied to Andre's foot! That way we can both keep runnin' our shops n' doin' stuffs, so even if he's outta my sight, I'll know if anything happens!

You all gotta do the same!! FOR SAFETY!!!!

I even asked some of my friends to show off their newest buddies! We'll start off with the Victor an' her voracious appetite for friendship! The one, the only, the DREAD! Look at this, she brought SIX new friends!!! SHE IS GUNNA BE SO SAFE!!!! I just dare any mean ol' Snarl to try an' nab her! Just let them try! If they do, Floral Mawnite will pop outta the flower bed an' give 'em a good ol' smack on the noggin! Then Spectrum Blepper and Spectrum Delphydra will shimmy outta that weird shiny stain I caused in the back room when I spilled a bunch of different dyes. It'll be so spooky!! The Snarls will run for it! An' then Prism Trimerus will descend from the sky itself, shimmerin' an' glitterin' in all that rainbowy glory!! She's protected by land an' by sky an' even by SEA!

That's right! Dread is ready to go out to the Coral Reef an' help the search with her two buddies Surfing Pluff an' Surfing Talion. They're soo prepared, they'll definitely make sure everyone out there stays safe! Surfin' also just looks really cool, an' I plan to try it out in the bathtub tonight!!

Plus Mafic has brought along Bubblefoam Ferrec to make sure I feel nice an' safe while scrubbin' clean an' hangin' twenty! Twenty is the good number to hang, right? Oooh, I bet Snarls are allergic to so much splashy fun~! I'll just have to convince Andre that usin' extra bubble bath is of dire importance for camouflage reasons!!!

Of course, sometimes you don't need a bunch of buddies to have a bunch of hands to hold onto! Ruevian has brought along Spider Demon Nibblug to make sure she stays safe out there! Aren't they just both the prettiest ladies you've ever seen? She's got legs for days! I'm pretty sure that's supposed to be a really good thing.

No matter if it's friends new or old, just make sure none of you go travelin' anywhere without your Kith! To me, that looks like the biggest danger an' the common link between all the disappearances! I'MA SOLVIN' THE MYSTERY!!!

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