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The Sea Snake by Kochab won the Kith Spotlight!
Grape, a Cinis from the Enchanted Forest, has made her way into the Coral Reef and--eaten through it!!??
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New Premium Items: Tempest Treader Set!

Written by Admin  Posted on September 03, 2021
That sure was a harrowin’ series o’ dives into those shattered shipwrecks - ESPECIALLY that last one. But take a gander, X! I can't believe it! That hunch we’ve been followin’ has finally paid off…

‘Cause all six o’ these ancient treasure maps really DO match up!

X: Thrilling! And I can see our next adventure unfolding before us...

Imagine it! You and me, diving into the darkest depths! The sea roars around us, churning with a mighty current, but we are undaunted! You swim lower, circling towards the deck of an ancient ship as gold and shining as the Golden Age itself - my fins glitter as I scout every mast - your footsteps creak on the rotting floorboards, as the eyes of sea monsters glint out from between the slats-!

Woah there, X! Sounds like ya read a few too many o’ me adventure novels, haw! We don't know what we’re goin’ to find when we head down into this crevasse. After all, the last few sunken vessels just kept guidin’ us onward to the next one…

X: But we’ve gathered all the map pieces now! Besides, you’ve been diving deeper and deeper, and these wrecks are getting older and older… So it’s no wonder that the treasures we’ve found have been getting more and more sparkly!

Speaking of treasure… Why are you waiting? Open the chest! Open the chest!

Hold onto yer seahorses, X. We almost lost this chest ‘cause ya dove down so fast to seize it that we almost got trapped among the collapsin’ boards! If ya want to stay on as my divin’ buddy in these ancient wrecks, I need yer actions to be as delicate as all those pretty words of yers.

I mean, think o’ those mysterious books that we found in the last vessel! They’re so fragile that I'm goin’ to need a lot more time to preserve them before I can start sellin’ them in my shop like I hoped…

X: Indeed, indeed, I know. But Marcus, aren't you eager to see what it is that we found?!

Haw! Awright, I admit it - I’m dyin’ of curiosity here! Besides, investigatin’ all these mysteries sure does feel more excitin’ with yer runnin’ narrative at my side… I can see ya took notes the last time we visited our buddies in the Stage!

X: Happy to provide! And this is my favorite part! Hearing the groaning metal of the treasure chest as the lock gives way… watching as you slowly pry open the lid, which lets out out a scent of strange mustiness… mingling with magic? And as you open the chest-

Oh!!! It lets out a giant gust of air, knocking us both flat! HELP!

PHEW! Don’t worry, X, I’ve caught ya! Some long-dead Shimmerfin must’ve locked away a whole gale in this here chest to guard the contents...

Wowie! A whole slew o’ ancient clothes!

Look at them, glimmerin’ like the stars over the open sea… But wait. This fabric doesn’t seem waterproof, and… a strappin’ set of shoes? This is pirate garb, for sure!

But what kind o’ pirate had enough treasure in their pockets to be able to wear outfits like this? Not to mention that, what with the windstorm whippin’ up around this chest, wearin’ these clothes must've been like treadin’ through a tempest...

Hang on. This Yellow Tempest Treader Corset, Yellow Tempest Treader Jacket, and even this Yellow Tempest Treader Hat… The cloth keeps ripplin’ like it’s fit to rip, but seems like these breezes are comin’ from the cloth itself!

And these Yellow Tempest Treader Boots… They don't even touch the floor o’ the deck! Not to mention all the mist and fog that’s coilin’ around these Yellow Tempest Treader Gloves… Wish they weren’t too tiny for me to wear. At least this Yellow Tempest Treader Collar lets me shout loud enough to be heard over the racket!

Wonder what the owner o’ these clothes used them for… Or what they were fightin’ with this sharp Yellow Tempest Treader Barrette and this Yellow Tempest Treader Sword. And…

Hmmm, this Yellow Tempest Treader Staff… Now that's real strange, I've never seen a pirate wieldin’ one o’ these before… And it's got that hum to it, like the feel o’ deep Merfolk magic…

Do ya think in the past, some Merfolk buddy filled up this pirate’s wardrobe with magic? Or… Could the pirates o’ the past have had magic powers o’ their own?

X: Impossible! You know full well that Merfolk soak in their magic through their shells before they hatch, when the echoes of the deep sea resonate with their eggs. That’s why they-

I know, I know, Dione’s told me all ‘bout shell memories, and how they gotta listen to those deep ocean songs when shiftin’ into a new sea creature form, and everythin’ else… But there’s plenty o’ tales about pirates transformin’ into Merfolk and vice versa, makin' new lives and havin' kids! Though sure, the stories may be fragmented...

Just like all our stories...

Sigh… Hurts me heart sometimes, how little we here in the Reef know our history, compared to all those other Remnants. I mean, the Enchanted Forest, they've got piles o’ tradition goin’ back centuries, and the Golden Colosseum, they still get to talk to their Gods… Hope, the Solarium, they've got books aplenty. And the Shadow Stage may have had an unreliable Narrator, but at least they know where to start lookin’ before they go off-book!

But us? Just scraps o’ rumors… wrecked ships and sodden paper… stories whispered to whippersnappers while curled up in the grotto… And that accursed Everstorm, forcin’ us to keep account of every scrap and make good on every moment!

X: But since meeting other Remnants, you’ve worked so hard to collect information about the Reef’s past! You’ve found plenty of leads!

Just leads! Nothin’ like the orderly information in all of Miranda’s history books, nothin’ that like the “concrete data” Lycus talks about...

But now that we don't have the Everstorm hammerin’ at our heels, watching how different life’s gotten here with all this time for relaxin’ and tryin’ new things, I can't stop wonderin’… What was it like before the Everstorm hit? What had we accomplished? I keep findin’ all these little hints that the Coral Reef had some big aboveground buildings, and though I know most o’ them got destroyed outright or repurposed into the coral ruins where the Merfolk live...

X: You’re thinking about the reference to that "sunken library" again?

‘Course I'm thinkin’ about it! I haven't been able to stop thinkin’ about it, not for barely a moment since we found the first o’ these cryptic maps! Rumors about a Golden Age library that couldn't be destroyed by storm or sea? All the knowledge o’ our pirate ancestors, tellin’ us what their lives were like, what the Reef was like, maybe even holdin’ some true clues to what really happened the night that the Everstorm sprang up? That'd be a treasure far beyond any other … I'd give anythin’ to lay my eyes on that! Anythin’ at all!

And now that we have the last o’ these maps pieced together…

X: We're going to find it on this next dive, I know it! Sinking through the deepest trenches, following the hidden currents, stepping through the doors of the sunken library and into history itself…! When do we leave?!

It’ll take time to get a hold o’ enough Siren’s Shadow Elixer to let me breathe down there - this’ll be the deepest dive of me life! Not to mention that Lycus kept frettin’ that magic wouldn’t be enough to keep me safe, so he pulled some strings with his Solarium buddies to get me a bunch of extra safety gear, that’s gotta ship through the Tatters…

So… I'm thinkin’ we'll set sail on September 14th! How does that sound? I know it’s a delay, but I bet it’ll all balance out! After all, we’ll be gone for a couple weeks…

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