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September Update: New Game!

Written by Admin  Posted on September 01, 2021
Woe! Alas!! Sorrow!!! All of the beauties of the Prism Party and its gorgeous sparkly colors have been ruined!

RUINED, I say!

Hmph!!! Aren’t you going to ask me why?! It's because of those pirates! Those loud, bawdy, obnoxious, partying pirates!

It's not just the incessant noise of those earsplitting off-tune sea shanties. Now they've been knocking around all of their trash everywhere - including overboard into our beautiful pristine waters!

This is a big problem, you know! Sure, it must be nice for THEM that they can sail everywhere all the time now, without having the Everstorm contain them - or force them to treasure and reuse every single piece of trash… But over the past few years, there have been so many foods and materials and pretty little trinkets pouring in from every Remnant that nobody's respecting the ocean anymore!

Oooh, but don't worry, I know exactly what to do~ I just need to find some gallant eco-friendly champions of the ocean to swim around and pick up trash before it sinks! Isn’t that brilliant?

…What? I’M certainly not going to do that! Yuck!! How could you think that I would soil my glamorous scales by touching that stuff?! But I'm sure I can convince a bunch of the other Merfolk to do it instead!

Ooh, and you'll help, too, won't you, wonderful Hope students? Pretty, pretty please? Just think of all the good you'll be doing for the oceans and the coral and the sand and the innocent little fishies… and us breathtaking Merfolk, of course~

But look at the time - I've got to get ready! Marcus has been hinting that he has some big exciting announcement that he's been preparing, and I'm just dying to hear what he thinks is going to make such a splash… Maybe Dione has a sneak peak for me? She’d tell her best friend Tethys, wouldn’t she?

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