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New Premium Items: Moon Bun Festival!

Written by Admin  Posted on July 06, 2021
UGH! Thanks to all this stupid Snarl business, Shady had me hopping through hoops for DAYS! I couldn't take it anymore! I slipped out the window while he was recovering from a teensy-tiny bun-induced electro-shock and didn't look back as I beelined for the Tatters. Clearly if things are so bad, we need help! I went back home to the Shadow Stage to see what kind of aid I could rustle up! I'm a bun with connections, y'know.

But, well... my usual Sugarmancy pals just weren't cutting it. Sugar Bats are great until their wings pop off and you end up with a sugar mouse convinced they can fly. Taffy tadpoles just melt under pressure, and don't even get me started on how selfish the many-limbed beast of the lake is! That sour gummy wouldn't share ANY of his frogs with me and we've been neighbors for YEARS! Jerk.

I'd just about given up hope when I visited the graveyard to talk to the ghosts. They pointed me to an old, overgrown storage shed and you won't believe who I found living there! Now, I have to preface this by making sure you all remember that Roles on the Shadow Stage are often filled by multiple people over the years, like how we currently have the Sugar Witch and used to have the Watching Witch or the Ravenwood Witch! So you see, sometimes you get multiple people playing sorta the same Role.

The Moon Bun, as the name entails, is one of the inhabitants of the Shadow Stage Moon! It's actually a little crowded up there sometimes between the Man in the Moon, Moon Bun, Moon Moon, Moon Princess... you see what I mean. But the Moon Bun is well known as a recurring role who comes down once a year for a big Moon Festival in the Shadow Stage! Even back in the Narrator's days, the Moon Festival was often a happy setup before a grim plot twist. Anyway, it isn't technically the correct season right now, so she must have stashed her party supplies in this shed, but boy were they happy to see me!

Everyone, meet the Purple Moon Bun's Minions - AREN'T THEY JUST THE CUTEST LITTLE HELPERS?! I just wanna moosh their little faces and take a nap on them! Of course, if you plan on taking any of these friends home, you'll need their favorite (and possibly only) snack, the Purple Moon Bun's Moon Cake! To lure a whole bunch of them home, you might wanna get the Purple Moon Bun's Massive Moon Cake instead. Careful, though! Overfeeding a minion may lead to you ending up with a Purple Moon Bun's Mount, which isn't a bad thing, but they do take up WAY more space on the bed! If you are feeling a little more pressed for space then you could try out a Purple Moon Bun's Mini Minion, but as a forewarning, they eat just as much - if not more - than the normal-sized minions!

Now I'm sure you are wondering how these buns could possibly help fighting the Snarls. But consider, beyond just the sheer power of rabbit kicks, they are all amazing at swinging around the Purple Moon Bun's Moon Mallet! It's like a game of whack-a-mole out there! Of course you could also arm yourself with it, but if you are going that route I would recommend some Purple Moon Bun's Gloves to protect your hands from blisters. Even if you just plan on pounding out some rice to make more minions. And if that's the case, make sure to set up some Purple Moon Bun's Floating Lanterns so you can see what you are doing. It only takes one errant minion splatter to ruin a whole batch.

Oh, you wanna hear more about the Moon Bun herself? Sure; I got a whole mess of her old costumes, but I don't think they will be that useful for fighting. At least the Festival Moon Bun's Bottom has some nice protective leggings under that skirt. That means it should give you plenty of room to jump and kick in any fight! I just hope the Festival Moon Bun's Slippers don't live up to their name and give you plenty of traction for any sick moves you bust out. The Festival Moon Bun's Top may not provide much protection, but does offer a wide range of motion! Plus it looks like it'd keep you nice and cool in the heat of battle! Let's see, what else is there.. oh! Purple Moon Bun's Ears would probably help you hear anything coming before it could sneak up on you! That's, uh, pretty useful, right? I guess if it always came down to it you could give any mean old Snarl a good old bop on the head with the Festival Moon Bun's Lantern.

And lastly, we're not all fighters, so for those who just want to relax a little, I found a spell scroll for the Moon Viewing Scrying Spell! It'll transport you right to the best time of year for a perfect moon-viewing festival! Just looking at it makes me hungry for some fresh, tasty mooncakes!

Since introducing a bunch of foreign living sugarmancy to the Hope ecosystem might not be the best idea ever, I've been told I can only offer up my new friends at the Headmaster's Office. But since it is such a big set, I've slapped a huge discount on the badge bundle! The Pick A Part: Moon Bun Badge is 300 Gems each due to some of the very large-scale items and even a discounted Scrying Spell, but the Moon Bun Badge Bundle is only 1500 Gems! For fourteen items! Don't say I never hooked you all up with some sweet sweet (literally) deals!

Now uh, can anyone help me get this duct tape out of my fur and free me from my pillow prison? I'm tired of static shocking people every time I shuffle across a carpet...

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