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New Premium Items: GC Scrying Spells!

Written by Admin  Posted on June 04, 2021
"Hardly the only way"... "Hardly the only way"... What does that mean?

They were tricksters, those two followers of the Lost God of Chance, singing of escape only to leave us to battle the Snarls in their wake. I have been pushing myself past the point of exhaustion getting the Armory ready for the coming battle, praying over each and every piece that the Gods might grant us mercy when the attack hits the Colosseum Scrying Spell. Please, please, let the cost not be too steep...

So why must I so obsess over their empty words, claiming that there is another method to stop the Snarls than that which the Gods of Bright Seasons gave us? Now is the time to focus on my craft, to prepare my people for a Glorious Battle Scrying Spell... one that I can only sit by and watch... Forgive me my cowardice...

Yet still I cannot see what the others do in all this fighting. When the Summer Mystic raises her voice in a battle cry and calls out for her fallen warriors to watch her succeed from the Heavenly Clouds Scrying Spell above, I hear no doubt or fear. When the divine light shines down upon her, casting the Tattered battlefield into a Heavenly Battle Scrying Spell to inspire her troops... all I see is a Bloody Battle Scrying Spell, littered with broken arms and armaments of all those I've failed to protect...


Gods, why? WHY?! If all roads lead to battle, why are the fleeing cowards aboard the Lucky Venture spared from violence?! Why are some spared while some must fight to survive? Why do other Remnants come to the Golden Colosseum in peace, only to die?

If the Gods of Bright Seasons still find me so unworthy…

I beg you, Goddess of Autumn, answer my prayers! Hear me in your Fallen Temple Scrying Spell with this offering I give! Please! Tell me how, how they have secured your blessing? Can your wrath be sated without bloodshed? Is there something I must do – is there something I must do for you?!


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