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New Items: May Recolors!

Written by Admin  Posted on May 17, 2021
Pstt! Pssssssssssssst!!
Over here! Behind the dumpster! It's me, Club!

I've been checking out the Lucky Venture, not because Shady wants me to or anything, but because my nose knows they've got the good stuff! They have to have some gem dice in there somewhere! I was sniffing around down under the deck, checking for anything I could snag and lemme tell you, it is a MESS down there. They had bunches of crates and boxes all labeled 'do not open', 'save for later', 'unreleased', and stuff like that! I think they're holding out on us! So I popped one open and do you know what I found? Paint that hadn't even dried yet! Literally! That Masterpiece Kissable Cloak Luc has been handing out was sitting on top of a pile of other colors! Black, white, blue, green, red, pink, purple, orange, and even yellow! You better believe I snagged them and slipped them into Luc's shop while his back was turned at the right angle to block his Kith from seeing me hop through.

I kept checking around, now that I knew there was more, and found some crates that were cold to the touch. Inside was a bunch of Frost Dweller Full-body Fur and Frost Dweller Ears! And that wasn't the only color, either! I saw lavender, periwinkle, green, blond, gray, pink, and red! I don't know why they didn't want us to know there are candy-colored deer people running around; maybe they thought it'd blow our minds? (But have they seen some of the people we have in Hope alone?)

I was running out of time at this point, but I followed the smell of cinnamon and fried dough to find these colorful versions of the Tightrope Performer's Thread. It's really hard to not want to slurp these spools down like pasta...

I talked with Estella and she got me set up with a special limited-time Exchange at the Bank of Hope for everyone to be able to trade the Masterpiece Kissable Cloak and Tightrope Performer's Thread for the new selection versions of those items. The Dweller selections have already been updated to include the new colors.

Don't worry, since Luc's still the one selling his cargo, it's all definitely completely legit! The only real crimes committed today were the crimes against fashion by keeping these colors from us!

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