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New Items: Shoes!

Written by Admin  Posted on September 27, 2016
Pre-chewed for Your Convenience

Well it seems my Tailored Fashions had a late-night invasion by a pack of impulsive Scalyx… Now I need to move out some new stock quickly before they get ruined. I don't know why I am surprised by the fact that Scalyx are hungry for shoes, but they are.

They tore up the Ballet Slippers and stole the ribbons for their nests. You might still see some of the ribbons stuck on my bushes outside. Then they went for the Boots which provide them a good rugged material to gnaw on. Once their jaws were tired from the hard work, they started in on the soft and cushy Flip Flops. Needless to say those didn't last long before they turned their eyes on my beautiful new High Heels. They seemed particularly fond of the hard heels on those. Then last of all they claimed the Sandals, not for chewing, oh no. They wore those out on their horns for some reason.

Oh, my poor shoes...

Thankfully, they didn't get my whole stock, so I've got the rest of them up on the shelves out of reach. If you've gotten tired of your loafers or your tennis shoes, come give these a look. They are all quite comfy and can go with a number of different looks. Um, if you find a pair a bit chewed up, I'll give you a discount.

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