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Happily Ever After by Gloria won the Art Spotlight! And they all lived ever after. No... that's not right, let's try again.
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December Update: New Quests!

Written by Admin  Posted on December 23, 2020
*New private transmission branch has been created: Baby Casey's Language Enrichment Reference Module.*

*New designation for existing transmission branch: Xenia's Besties' Chatterbox.*

*Welcome to the transmission branch, DroidOfAllTrades!*

Hi everyone! Is this working?

I thought that it might be fun for us have a place where we could all talk to each other much more easily! After all, with the reports coming in from Earth about all this potential risk of battle, it seems like we should be opening new communication channels in preparation for any upcoming threats that might arise... Shouldn't we?

As for me, I've been trying to do my part with disaster readiness by practicing my repair skills! I know that the Bridge Crew's official report has assured civilians that there is no chance of the Automated Nurseries being targeted by an alien attack, but just in case, I found a new source of broken kitchen tools to practice fixing up! You're learning so much about repairs, aren't you, Casey?


That's right! The friendly Core scavengers do have the best discounts, my little gizmo!

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