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Kith-shaped Nuggets by Dread won the Item Design Spotlight! Everyone knows dinosaur shaped nuggets are the superior nuggets, but right now the only nuggets available on site are some boring old cheeprometz nuggets (sorry EF, I love you). Kith-shaped nuggets are the natural in-universe branch from dinosaur, so help me reach my dream of adding the superior nugget to the site!
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New Premium Items: The Medic's Set!

Written by Admin  Posted on November 02, 2020

Sniff… Urrrggh... I can't believe it… This is so hackneyed! How could I have a flare-up of the haunts right NOW, of all times? These stupid poltergeist-level sneezes... ahCHOO! No, Veilous, let me out of bed - I'm not over-exhausted from running all of the Halloweave events, I'm just being written into a corner by cliche timing! Hmph! I can deal with this by myself. This happened all the time when I was just a ghost writer, so I'm plenty used to the crunch; besides, it's not like I have the Narrator breathing down my back this time. It's fine!

So seriously, Splotch, take off that ridiculous Cotton Candy Medic's Blouse -Squiggles, that Rawberry Medic's Skirt doesn't even fit you! And wait... Titter-Tat, are you using a Berry Medic's Gown as a pile of blankets?! Look guys, I know the Narrator, like, abolished that Role after the Damsel incident, but still, those aren't your *koff*- *koff*- costumes! Even if... fine, okay, I admit that the Licorice Medic's Caps look pretty cute on you guys.

But I - YAWN - I can't rest right now! Halloweave may be over, but I still have so much to prepare - I'm nowhere near done yet! I have an entire Site Contest to run next week!

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