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Palentines?? by LynnStarDragon won the Writing Spotlight! He had never heard of this Palentines stuff until coming to Hope… there was no shortage of information on what it was all about. But how did one keep it? What were the rules of celebration?
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Site Contest Winners: April 2020

Written by Admin  Posted on April 27, 2020
Hip hip hurrah! Your entries were so delightful that they had me positively glowing! Not to mention the fact that all my Kith adored admiring all of your spiffy artwork and cooing over your masterful galleries! Thank you for blessing us with your entries!

Let’s celebrate the winners of this month's Site Contest... Clearing the Way by Ruevian in the Art category, and Hopes for Fears by Taiga in the Gallery category!

Since you both earned the most Cheers on your entries, you'll each receive 100 Gems, as well as the In the Spotlight Achievement, the Spotlight T-Shirt, and the Spotlight Showcase!

I’m darting over to the Archived Contest Winners Forum with the winning threads, while all other entries will be moved to the Past Contest Entries Forum!

And now, before I dash back to my tasks at the Temple of Growth, I should let you know that the next May Site Contest will, at the request of my Kith, have the theme of The Stars of Spring - which you can interpret to be about Kith, or about the memory of constellations, or even about literal stars!

The categories will be an Avatar Contest and a Kith Spotlight, and I'm happy to say that the person who volunteered to host it is, in fact, Commander Kyprian of the Cosmic Solarium! Though I haven't had a chance to chat much with him yet, he seemed very emphatic that it would be an important opportunity for the Solarium to host this particular contest, so I'm very excited to see what he has in store!

The contest will begin on May 11th! We can’t wait to see your entries!

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