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April Update: Gallus Revealed

Written by Admin  Posted on April 15, 2020
[Catch up on the Event so far]


Hey! Zeph told me I should be expecting you all. C'mon in, don't be shy. Pull up a chair, lean on a column, take a seat, take a load off! Y'don't mind if I sprawl out, do you?

Ahhhh.... There we go!

Welcome to Faun's Fragments. Been selling magic charms, pottery scraps, other stuff... Browse around! Or just hang out and chat. Whatever you wanna do… It's all good.

Sorry to say you just missed out on meeting my wife… Hypatia got called back to the frontlines again. We thought her leave from the battlefield might last a little longer this time, but… Well! Just gotta roll with the punches! Doubtless she and her Kith Ally are out there right now, ripping Snarls apart in a beautiful blaze of glory. Sigh… My breathtaking deadly rose…

Meantime, how about I help make you lot more comfortable! Bet it's been nothing but "battle this" and "battle that"... But our Remnant has plenty more to offer outside of the Arenas! Shouldn't have to work so hard all the time, am I right? Yeah, that means you, too, rainbow gal... What's all this I've been hearing from Zeph about having to do some kinda "bug fixing" late at night? Stubbed hooves and broken horns, you've been doing so much that you deserve some sweet relaxation, too!

Woo! Gather up, everyone, we're gonna celebrate those successes with a swig of nectar... Don't forget to rest on your laurels!

But hey, once you're all chilled out and rested up, if you still wanna go charging out into the fray… I'm not about to stand in anyone's way. Know you've all got your reasons to take this seriously... In fact, how about you go pay a visit to Valeria, if you really wanna get someone to pump you up!

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