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March Update: The Golden Colosseum!

Written by Admin  Posted on March 20, 2020
[Catch up on the Event so far]


Ouch! Stop! I'm FINE! ...Oh, forgive me, I didn't mean to snap at anyone... I know you're all fighting, too, and it can't be easy on any of us. I'm sorry. I thought that by now we'd have found this supposed Colosseum, between all the battles and bug fixes... Please don't lose hope yet. We must keep -

Oh! There! Look there! The thick mist of the Tatters is starting to fade! Could that truly be... Yes! It is!

The base of a mountain!

The Golden Colosseum!

Thank goodness! There were so many Snarls along the way that there were times when I thought we couldn't possibly make it... but together, we did it! Everyone, I've been so impressed with your skill in battle. These circumstances may be daunting, but seeing the way that all of you have rallied... It warms my heart.

I only wish that Nicholas and I could have been training alongside you and the rest of the little ones, but given that he is, understandably, still quite upset with me, it... We... Well, never mind that. He's probably right, that it's more effective for the two of us to continue working separately at the moment, with him overseeing matters in Hope and me helping to lead the Allied Kith volunteers through the Tatters...


No... No, I'm not going to let my own problems cast a pall on our victory. Let's hurry into the streets together, and greet everyone, and...

...Where is everyone?

Oh my goodness... Are we too late? The entire mountain seems to be abandoned, with only this faint mist clinging to every surface! How strange. This can't be right... Does anyone see anything? Let's search around.

Oracle? Oracle, we're here!

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