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All Topics » Announcements » March Update: The Golden Colosseum!

March Update: The Golden Colosseum!

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March Update: The Golden Colosseum! 14

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March Update: The Golden Colosseum!

by Iris » March 20, 2020 12:45 PM

Last Edited: March 20, 2020 07:44 PM

[Catch up on the Event so far]


Ouch! Stop! I'm FINE! ...Oh, forgive me, I didn't mean to snap at anyone... I know you're all fighting, too, and it can't be easy on any of us. I'm sorry. I thought that by now we'd have found this supposed Colosseum, between all the battles and bug fixes... Please don't lose hope yet. We must keep -

Oh! There! Look there! The thick mist of the Tatters is starting to fade! Could that truly be... Yes! It is!

The base of a mountain!

The Golden Colosseum!

Thank goodness! There were so many Snarls along the way that there were times when I thought we couldn't possibly make it... but together, we did it! Everyone, I've been so impressed with your skill in battle. These circumstances may be daunting, but seeing the way that all of you have rallied... It warms my heart.

I only wish that Nicholas and I could have been training alongside you and the rest of the little ones, but given that he is, understandably, still quite upset with me, it... We... Well, never mind that. He's probably right, that it's more effective for the two of us to continue working separately at the moment, with him overseeing matters in Hope and me helping to lead the Allied Kith volunteers through the Tatters...


No... No, I'm not going to let my own problems cast a pall on our victory. Let's hurry into the streets together, and greet everyone, and...

...Where is everyone?

Oh my goodness... Are we too late? The entire mountain seems to be abandoned, with only this faint mist clinging to every surface! How strange. This can't be right... Does anyone see anything? Let's search around.

Oracle? Oracle, we're here!
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Re: March Update: The Golden Colosseum!

by Chrysa » March 20, 2020 12:47 PM

Last Edited: April 06, 2020 03:25 PM

Oh. Took you long enough. Let me look you over… Good, you haven't sustained any major losses yet. And at least most of you appear to be in one piece. Well done. None of those Petty Snarls should have been capable of more than a scare, but you never know.

Anyway. Since you survived, I'm Chrysa. I suppose it would be too much to hope that just because you've managed to part the magical mists that surround our mountain, you'd be able to see past the mists that surround all of us, too. No? No, I didn't think so.

I'll explain. This was the Unmaker's base of operations, so this land has no natural shield against her Snarls. Not like the rest of your Remnants do - or did. Instead, our Gods imbued each of us with a seed of transformational magic. Anyone can harness it with enough training. Enough devotion too, I suppose.

The Mystics of the Gods wield it best, of course. It's in their job description, so they'd better be good. Even so, every Human, Faun, and Centaur of the Golden Colosseum has the capacity to unlock a deep magical potential.

There's a downside, of course. The Gods' gifts are never free. To the uninitiated, it's nearly impossible to see us at all. A thick mist of invisibility surrounds and shields us. Our images are cloaked. Our words are muffled.

It's utterly inconvenient. Why our Gods of the Seasons chose to invest their efforts in personalized weather patterns is beyond me. One might think it would have been more useful if they'd applied the weather to our whole mountain, and not on a case-by-case basis. But I was not consulted. On account of not being alive yet. Or a God.

Regardless. If you apply yourself with effort and diligence, Questing with hard work, you should be able to learn to part the mists. I see no reason why you all shouldn't eventually be capable of it. But I warn you, there must be no distractions. This is a task of deadly severity-

Pythia: But that doesn't mean we can't make the process loads and loads of fun! This is going to be sssspectacular!

Pythia. Please. The deadly severity.

Pythia: Aw, but they aren't dead yet! Just think about it! A brand new batch of Remnants, with so many fresh people to meet... even if THEY'RE fresh meat. This is exciting! Aren't you excited? I'M excited!

That's me. Always excited.

Pythia: Knew it! That's my Chrysa!

Greetings, everybody! I'm Chrysa's trusted Kith! Her amazing teammate and partner! The snake-y to her snarky! Though I'm not a snake, actually, I'm a Delphydra! Don't get fooled by all the decor, it can be totally misleading...

Anyway, the name's Pythia! You're going to have a great time here, believe me. And seriously, don't mind Chrysa's glare, she's happy to see you, honest.

Luckily, you've got me to dissipate all this awkward tension. Don't worry, we won't let you be Snarl fodder! Besides, you've only been fighting in the Unmade Arena, right? That's easy! Nothing to fear!

Hey, actually, maybe it's TOO easy. You want something vigorous, right? Here, follow me, and I'll show you how to access the Colosseum Arena, too.

In fact... Ooh! I'll be your tour guide to the whole Remnant!

Really. Because you have nothing better to do.

Pythia: I'll be your tour guide to the Remnant... when I'm not helping decipher any super-critical epic prophecies for my awesome Ally during all the moments when she's too busy channeling the words of the Gods to be conscious of her physical surroundings. Obviously!

Anyway, there's no way that slithering around with my new pals will interfere with THAT. We've got the system down pat! You say "trance", I say "transcribe"!!


Pythia: TRANSCRIBE!!! Look at that, we're a flawless duo.

Hah. Yes, we make an unparalleled and exemplary team.

As for the arenas, Pythia is correct. It's time that you exerted some additional effort.

You now have access to the Fallen Temple where I do my work as the Oracle of Autumn. It's made of fragments of her ruined temple, rebuilt down here in order to channel the power of the Tatters themselves. This is where you can gather additional Battle Strategies for your Kith, as well as items that you can use in battle. Stock up while you can.

Pythia: Ooh! Speaking of Kith, have you met any of my fellow Delphydras?

They're a sweet and sinuous bunch of pals! A whole plate of friendship spaghetti! Maybe you should consider Allying with one of them! Or you could wait until you've met everyone else, too, I guessssssss.

Either way, I'm sure that you'll be slithering around the rest of the Remnant soon! Or at least, as soon as you finish all those comprehensive training Quests that Chrysa is prepping for you-

Speaking of which. I can feel the presence of the Gods mounting. We have another set of prophecies, it seems. Pythia, tell me that you have a tablet handy.

Pythia: Totally! Though I mean, can we really call it "handy"? Since like, you know, NO HANDS-

Is this really the time.

[Continue to next Event Update]
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Re: March Update: The Golden Colosseum!

by Leslie » March 20, 2020 12:51 PM

WELCOME TO THE GOLDEN COLOSSEUM! The first piece of the map is now unlocked: the Fallen Temple, which sells battle supplies! There's not much in there now, but you'll see more and more added here as the beta battle system is rolled out in the next month.

Furthermore, you can now Ally with Delphydras back at the Tatters in Hope! You can click the preview button to see all four of their forms in all available colors, or, if you don't like spoilers, you can just wait and let their evolution be a surprise.

There will also be four new Daily Event Quests available for you to complete on the Event Page the next time you get Daily Quests. Work hard with your friends to collaboratively fill up the Event Bar and learn how to part the mists that are hiding the inhabitants of this mountain! Once you do, you may get to meet someone new...

Of course, if all that studying feels daunting and you need to take a break, why not blow off some steam with a quick Battle? Test out your new battle items against multiple Snarls working together in the Unmade Arena and don't forget to report any bugs you find to the Technical Support Forum. Diana will explain what's changed about this update below!

Good luck!
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Re: March Update: The Golden Colosseum!

by Diana » March 20, 2020 12:51 PM

Last Edited: March 20, 2020 02:06 PM

On to the nitty gritty! First things first, I've updated the Beta Battle Suggestions thread with more accurate known issues. Please direct your feedback for improvements there, but report any bugs to the Technical Support Forum.

This update brings two new aspects to the battle system: items and multiple Snarls.

Chrysa will now be selling two beta versions of healing items in her shop: the Divine Token and Divine Offering. We'll be adding more items in a future update, but we are starting small as a precaution to make sure we catch any bugs before we go big! The Unmade Arena now allows you to bring up to 5 items into a single battle.

Why would you need 5 healing items, though? Well, battling the Snarls just got more complicated! You're no longer going to be facing a single Snarl, but will have to fight your way through multiple groups of Snarls that have gathered together. Each set of Snarls is a randomized number, so some battles may be tougher than others. After defeating one nefarious band of Snarls, you can choose to continue fighting another group of Snarls in the same battle without taking a break from the Arena to auto-heal. You'll get more Loose Shards from continued battles as a reward for taking the more challenging path!

For extra incentive, we've added another Exchange to the Bank of Hope. You can now exchange 30 Loose Shards for 1 Unsnarled Colosseum, which can be used to gain a random piece of clothing from the Golden Colosseum. Unlike the Daily Event Quest reward, the clothing from this item does not include hair items.

Thank you all once again for helping to make Tattered World the best it can be. We deeply appreciate your patience with the beta test, and look forward to the finished battle system being ready for your enjoyment in the future!
Edit: Due to a bug, Chrysa's shop is appearing in both the Golden Colosseum and Hope Special Shops for now. She's just that special.
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Re: March Update: The Golden Colosseum!

by Ruevian » March 20, 2020 01:01 PM

Last Edited: March 20, 2020 01:56 PM

[@Chrysa] , I don't suppose you've seen a tall, purple-haired man with a beard and dual-colored eyes? Carrying an axe? No?
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Re: March Update: The Golden Colosseum!

by Glitchie » March 20, 2020 01:01 PM

Last Edited: March 20, 2020 01:02 PM

... What now? So we just have a new remnant to serve as the backdrop for our demise?
Emily: [siiiiigh]
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Re: March Update: The Golden Colosseum!

by Moth King of Moths » March 20, 2020 01:02 PM

Prophemist, why is your kith so nice but you're so tsundere? Well, nice to meet you tiny Quetzalcoatl! To be honest, I'm not really interested in all this fighting. The moths are a peaceful, pacifist kingdom. Probably. And I don't know how to lie.

But there's some good lore here! Back to the conspiracy board I go! I've got a pantheon system to look over.
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Re: March Update: The Golden Colosseum!

by Dread » March 20, 2020 01:04 PM

What a friendly and helpful tour guide!! Now let us fight some more snarls and get some more fancy clothing
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Re: March Update: The Golden Colosseum!

by Taiga » March 20, 2020 01:09 PM

I don't think I've ever really seen the Headmaster being mad before...

Posted by: "Diana"

You can now exchange 30 Loose Shards for 1 Unsnarled Colosseum, which can be used to gain a random piece of clothing from the Golden Colosseum. Unlike the Daily Event Quest reward, the clothing from this item does not include hair items.


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Re: March Update: The Golden Colosseum!

by firerachet » March 20, 2020 01:17 PM

Chrysa This Place Is Rad! Do You Mind If I Poke Around The Temple?
I Promise I Won't Break Anything!

Also Can We High-Five Pythia! High-Snake?
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Re: March Update: The Golden Colosseum!

by Archivist » March 20, 2020 01:17 PM

Impatient waiting for those Delphydra previews. Can't wait to see the other Kith from this Remnant too.

Still don't trust them.
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