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New Items: Solarium Kith Onesies!

Written by Admin  Posted on March 05, 2020
Thank you for c-coming with me and Hypothesis to visit the Cosmic Solarium, Iris. I can't really believe that it's been a year since my last visit… It's k-kinda funny to see how many visitors from all the Remnants are running around the Crust. Funny in a g-good way, I mean... Anyway, I'm sure we can find you some Kith to talk to soon, but first -

OBJECTIVE: Nibblug, designation Hypothesis = planning to reunite with other fellow Nibblugs in the Core! Much data about Hope requires transmission to fellow Kith, with many delicious new flavors to describe!

Additionally, upon the advisement of little sister, designation Piper, Lycus and I have procured many gifts for our friends aboard the station! HYPOTHESIS: the distribution of these gifts will lead to a successful visit for all involved!

Um, yeah... we d-didn't bring anything for the Commander or the Bridge Crew, aside from all of these diplomatic gifts that Mom and Dad sent along with us, but since Hypothesis and I haven't seen our Solarium friends in a while, we thought it m-might be nice to have a little bit of... um, a personal touch? And Piper said that the Shadow Stage Kith Onesies went over really w-well when she went to visit the Witch, so...

Hopefully it's not an awkward idea, but we c-commissioned Andre for some Cosmic Solarium Kith Onesies.

I-I know that robots d-don't really need to wear clothes, but... Piper swears that Xenia got incredibly excited about the c-concept of, uh, "robo-PJs" when the topic came up during their latest conversation, so I b-brought along a Blue Angelly Onesie. It's got a special attachment for the tentacles to make it easier for her to hold b-baby Casey...

We also brought a Pink Insector Onesie for Marisol, since it looks a little bit like Florachnid. Andre even made a tiny matching one for Beebot. It's... p-pretty cute, actually.

F-for RiGBy, we brought a Red Ulusive Onesie, because we figured that Red might want to dress up like some of his friends? I, u-um, I wasn't sure if Blue would approve of an "alien" costume, or if Green can even remember what the Kith are, b-but.. I also brought a blue one and a green one, just in case?

So... that's it for the gifts for our friends on the station. D-don't worry, Iris, it shouldn't take us too long to distribute them.And anyway, if the Hope students like them, too, they c-can always get the SOL Kith Onesie Badge Bundle or Pick A Part: SOL Kith Onesie Badge from my Dad's Headmaster's Office.

In the meantime... I g-guess it would be a good idea to check in quickly with Elliot, to g-go over the latest data on Unmaking. I brought a bunch of advanced textbooks from the Campus Supplies store, in case he wanted to take a look at some of the theorems that I was referencing during our collaboration, and-


Hypothesis! W-where all the textbooks?!

Apologies, Lycus... The volumes seemed so deliciously informative, so... textbooks = accidentally mistaken for travel snacks..?

However! PROPOSED ALTERNATE SOLUTION: Lycus presents Administrator Elliot with this
Green Nibblug Onesie! These pajamas = still securely contained in their original packaging, with only the slightest of nibbling around the edges! HYPOTHESIS: Administrator Elliot will express delight at the opportunity to wear a soft, fluffy, visual reminder of all of his many Nibblug friends who love to visit him in the Core!

U-um, uh, I'm... n-not sure that experiment is g-going to go well…

....CONCLUSION: Lycus = unenthusiastic about this proposal because of worries that he himself will not receive a designated Onesie for his own personal use! Do not be concerned, Lycus! Proposed alternative: Lycus can wear this special Iris Onesie that was packed by loving father, designation Nicholas!

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