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January Update: Meeting of the Minds

Written by Admin  Posted on January 17, 2020
Tatters Investigation Group Project Log 17B. Researcher Elliot Grant, re-initializing team conference call between Researchers Lycus Artois, Piper Artois, Marcus Smith, Lenta Birch Tree, and Scribe "None of Your Damn Business." Gee, it's so sunny to work with a bunch of professionals again...

*koff*... *hchh*...

Anyway, I'm resuming this transmission from where we left off in Project Log 17A, since somebody wouldn't stop insisting that "the whole crew needs a hearty mess o' meals and a swig o' water." Is everyone refreshed now? All relaxed and sunny about our impending doom? Because I've been crunching numbers during our break, and guess what? We're running out of time.

Even though none of the other Remnants are recording any anomalies in our own sectors of the Black Hole, the rate at which this phenomenon has been expanding around Hope shows an acceleration of nearly 34%. There are still "safe" points of entry in and out of the Remnant that avoid the crisis area, but if we keep dithering around like a bunch of indecisive Crust idealists looking for the perfect scenario, we're going to lose our window of opportunity!

Lycus, I've told you what we have to do! We can't waste any more time trying to interface my tech with that so-called "magic" that your radiant tree friend uses - it's not working! If we're going to diffuse this excess energy, we've got to do it from within, and we've only got one shot. I'll... *hchh*.... look, I can drive my shuttle into the thick of it, handle it myself. It doesn't matter if I-

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