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New Premium Items: Cybernetics!

Written by Admin  Posted on December 05, 2019
Administrative Transmission Code 45A326X2. Access enabled... Commander Q. Kyprian contacting the Cosmic Solarium; Commander to Bridge, do you copy? I apologize for my delayed response to all of your transmissions, but we encountered some, ah, unforeseen factors that necessitated a slightly longer stay in the Enchanted Forest. However, the interference from the Forest's advanced temporal distortion software has since been fully dispelled, so there should be no further communication difficulties.

Although our initial negotiations ran into some... complications, due to a third-party individual who attempted to disrupt the official diplomatic proceedings, I am pleased to announce that this uninvited interloper has since been removed from the premises, with all of his unreasonable requests summarily denied. Since then, Princess Celariel has proved extremely amenable to the Cosmic Solarium's requests, and she has pledged to contribute many additional resources to our station.

In return, I would like to request clearance to share some of our advanced cybernetic technology with our trading partners, to be made available via the Cybernetics Badge Bundle and Pick A Part: Cybernetics Badge. I have no doubt that these offerings shall be well-received.

Might I suggest that we prioritize a shipment containing items such as the Green Right Cybernetic Arm, Green Left Cybernetic Eye, Green Right Cybernetic Leg, and Green Cybernetic Monitor? I have been showcasing this technology throughout my visit, after all. Additionally, these items may prove useful should any of the cyborgs in our delegation require certain, ah... repairs. Merely as a precaution, you understand.

Next, I believe that we should include blueprints for our Green Cybernetic Wiring, as well as our Green Cybernetic Veins, which enable our tech to interface directly with the nerves and musculature of the body. These are likely to be of great interest to the researchers of the Forest; after all, they have made many advancements in the field of medicine, thanks to the information encoded in their central database, which is colloquially known as the "Heart of the Forest."

Finally, I am certain that, rarely utilized though they may be, the Chrome Cybernetic Wings would be quite well-received by our hosts, given the great cultural importance that they place upon flight.

Our trading partner from Hope, Mr. Nicholas Artois, has very generously agreed to sell these items on our behalf in his Headmaster's Office. Once we have received these shipments, our delegation will finalize negotiations and return to the station at last.

However, I... I should also note that... our new intelligence networks have received some... information that merits further discussion. Relevant details are included in an encoded attachment to this transmission, with access restricted only to those with the highest level of security clearance. There is no cause for alarm, of course, but as a minor precautionary measure, I have secured pledges of aid from all the leaders of the other Remnants. Should any events occur that might place the Solarium in the slightest amount of danger, they have promised to join with us in a strategic coalition to ensure the safety of our citizens.

Hence, I am proud to report that, despite a few minor difficulties along the way, this visit has been an unmitigated success. Oh! And as a final addendum... I have managed to secure a trial shipment of a most agreeable Enchanted Forest delicacy for you all to consume, with more available upon a majority favorable review. This ration contains many health benefits, plus a radiantly crunchy crust, and... ahem... that is to say, I do hope that you all enjoy these "Cheeprometz Nuggets."

Commander Kyprian, logging off.

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