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Code Update: 11/18/19

Written by Admin  Posted on November 18, 2019
Hey everyone! Admin Diana here with a few code updates to our secret admin pages. Most of these updates won't affect you all, but one thing I wanted to give you a heads up on is the addition of a new admin feature that will allow us to exclude NPCs from being helped by Kith Daily Activities. This will come in handy for temporary NPCs such as Spooktacular Seeba, who don't have additional reputation levels to earn.

However, I also need to apologize for going a bit too hard on the Event points! I meant for y'all to be around 50% by now, but I think I made the point rewards too low and some requirements too difficult. Alban's Quest SEWN TOGETHER has been updated to only ask for common patterns now, and all Daily Event Quests have been updated to reward more points! This change will appear for you the next time your Event Daily Quests refresh. So don't be afraid to decline a Quest if you want the newer version!

It's hard to predict what to set the point values at, and we're still figuring out what to expect from the system and from user engagement. Hopefully we're getting better as we go! Thank you all again for being patient and understanding as we make changes and try to build the best Tattered World we can.

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