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Site Contest: November 2019

Written by Admin  Posted on November 11, 2019
Catch up on the Event so far


What do you have there, my Dragon? Tearing pages from that book and burning them one by one... It certainly makes for a dramatic sight, watching the paper curl into ash around you as it drifts to the floor. But I thought that you had planned to go out hunting again this afternoon?

Thou art mistaken, Royal Advisor. I am bound by no laws and no schedules save for my own whims. When my hunt proved infuriating, I decided that I cared not, and returned here to the libraries to vent my wrath upon the volumes therein...

But... No, I... My anger dissipated more quickly from my chest than I had expected, and I felt... no need for such an impetuous act. Hence, I have merely turned my attentions to this single notebook, which is well worth the destruction.

Ah... your royal schedule, prepared by your previous Advisor to instruct you on all of your obligations. Worthy of destruction indeed. But what is that, written on today's page? "Host the Alliance-themed November Site Contest, to judge the Kith and Writing that the community likes best"? Oh, what a fitting instance of dramatic irony...

Your Majesty, by your leave, why don't I take this amusing little task into my own stage directions? I can play host starting today and continue until November 24th at 12:00 (noon) CHT, just as originally planned. We can even entice the entrants with the same prizes, and offer to give the winner of each category 100 Gems, as well as a special Achievement and some unique items.

I have no need of thee at the moment, so yes, I shall grant thee leave to toy with thy enemies as thou wilt. But heed my words - once I have reduced these foolish demands of etiquette into cinder between my claws, we shall pay yet another visit to what remains of the Heart, for I crave to delve deeper still into the Ritual that thou hast been working alongside me these past weeks. The tapestry of magic that we have woven thus far has sparked a fierce joy throughout my soul - hampered though we have been by my misguided father.

How can he not comprehend that his continued resistance is counter to the plans that he and I once fervently discussed? Can he not trust that I do only what I must?! His long-term hopes for this Ritual were accomplished overnight by our alternations - why does that fool still fail to see it?!

It matters not! I can act without anyone's permission. The Ritual calls me back... I have so much deeper to delve. Already I grow restless at the thought of it... so do not keep me waiting long, Advisor, lest my temper turn to thee!

Attempting to keep a Dragon from her hoard? I should never be so foolish. Do not fret, I will be along as soon as I have finished my preparations. I agree: there is much work that we must yet do together...

But in the meantime! Let me see. A Kith Contest category... Might this be a suitable way to scout out some new recruits to join our Underlings? Of course, I must work within the... limitations of this particular performance, but perhaps with a bit of extra persuasion...

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