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Happy Hope Anniversary

Written by Admin  Posted on October 19, 2019
Attention, students and foreign friends alike! As many of you already know, today marks the third Site Anniversary since we began open beta! We've all grown so much since those early days, finding new friends and even foes beyond the Tatters. Our anniversary this year falls on a date when I will be attending the Enchanted Forest's Illuminary Gala, so I have pre-recorded this message to make sure I am not a moment late! I do hope you're all also in attendance with us at the Event, as it sounds like it may be a once-in-a-lifetime chance for those of us with human lifespans, hoho.

As is standard for our anniversary celebrations - and what a joy it is to have been around long enough to have established our own traditions! - there will be no cooldown timers in any shops today, from midnight to midnight. This will certainly help anyone wanting to pick up the new Year 4 Uniform from Campus Supplies in between any shopping at the Gala! I believe this year's golden color is quite fitting for the positive reputation we've all devoted ourselves to.

For any newcomers, the Year 4 Uniform Blazer, Year 4 Uniform Slacks, Year 4 Uniform Skirt, and Year 4 Uniform Miniskirt will now be the default colors given to new users joining the site. You can pick them up for yourself at Campus Supplies anytime over the next year, though if you'd like an extra copy of the Year 3 Uniform Blazer, Year 3 Uniform Slacks, Year 3 Uniform Skirt, and Year 3 Uniform Miniskirt, you had best buy them soon! The Year 3 Uniform will be permanently retiring when the clock strikes midnight. Oho, how appropriately fairy tale for an announcement happening thanks to the Enchanted Forest's magic!

Now, I hope you're not disappointed to learn that this is the extent of our celebrations while we're guests at the Illuminary Gala. Though we do try to have some special news saved up to deliver on our Hope Anniversary, the Event will likely be taking up all our time. I have heard from a certain Rainbow Admin that there's something dangerous lurking beyond this 'Evening of Many Days'... but since I don't seem to have access to the Behind the Scenes Forums, I must assume she is pulling my leg as usual! That girl does have such a queer sense of humor, ohoho.

Thank you all again for making Tattered World the best it can be!

Cheers to our three wonderful years thus far, and a toast to our next year to come!

See you at the Gala!

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