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New Items: October User Submissions!

Written by Admin  Posted on October 15, 2019
Damn, y'all run off to a fancy-shamncy death trap but still manage to bury me in new submissions? I'm impressed. That takes some real dedication, you kiddos never disappoint. And I can see that at least half of these are intended for a costume change for the Gala. So let's get into it and get y'all into your new duds.

Moth King of Moths:
Remnant Ballgown Selection - ( Shadow Stage Ballgown, Coral Reef Ballgown, Cosmic Solarium Ballgown )

Medieval Bodice Selection - ( Graveglow Medieval Bodice )
Tattered Skirt Selection - ( Autumn Fire Tattered Skirt )
Magic Broom Selection - ( Autumn Fire Magic Broom )

Skull Mask Selection - ( Bleached Skull Mask, Dark Red Skull Mask, Black Skull Mask, Tattered Skull Mask )
Glamour Dress Selection - ( Graveglow Glamour Dress, Light Glamour Dress, Softlight Glamour Dress )
Cigarette Smoke Selection - ( Light Smoke Trail, Shadow Magic Smoke Trail, Illusion Magic Smoke Trail )
Suit Dress Selection - ( Fancy Nightbloom Suit Dress, Fancy Undertow Suit Dress, Fancy Chrome Suit Dress, Fancy Forest Fire Suit Dress, Fancy Sharkbite Suit Dress, Fancy Rippleweed Suit Dress, Fancy Heather Suit Dress, Fancy Cauldron Suit Dress, Fancy Meadowcup Suit Dress, Fancy Sweet Spring Suit Dress, Fancy Luminous Suit Dress, Breezy Forest Rose Suit Dress, Breezy Edgy Suit Dress, Breezy Luminous Suit Dress, Fancy Meadowcup Suit Jacket[item], [item]Fancy Monochrome Suit Jacket, Fancy Starlit Suit Jacket )
Casual Pixiebob Selection - ( Black Casual Pixiebob, White Casual Pixiebob, Cobalt Casual Pixiebob, Sienna Casual Pixiebob, Sweetheart Casual Pixiebob, Lavender Casual Pixiebob )
Handheld Book Selection - ( Illusion Handheld Book, Shadow Handheld Book )
Ballroom Scrying Spell Selection - ( Softlight Ballroom Scrying Spell, Luminous Ballroom Scrying Spell )
Slim Tailcoat Selection - ( Luminous Slim Tailcoat, Edgy Slim Tailcoat, Sweet Spring Slim Tailcoat )
Pinstripe Suit Jacket Selection - ( White Plain Suit Jacket, Black Plain Suit Jacket, Wine Plain Suit Jacket, Teal Plain Suit Jacket )

Lunar Mask Selection - ( Time Lunar Mask, Frost Lunar Mask )
Circus Vest Selection - ( Graveglow Circus Vest )
Dashing Top Selection - ( Rosebush Dashing Top, Nova Dashing Top )
Clawhammer Coat Selection - ( Rosebush Clawhammer Coat, Nova Clawhammer Coat )
Dandy Waistcoat Selection - ( Rosebush Dandy Waistcoat, Nova Dandy Waistcoat, Tattered Dandy Waistcoat )
Dapper Jacket Selection - ( Black Dapper Jacket, Seaweed Dapper Jacket )
Poofy Cravat
Black Polished Boots
Lazy Grin

Villainous Jacket Selection - ( Frost Villainous Jacket )

Distressed Long Sleeve Selection - ( Shadow Distressed Long Sleeve, Starlit Distressed Longsleeve )
Purple Unraveled Hairstyle

Hazel Eyes Selection - ( Wide Hazel Eyes, Long-Lashed Hazel Eyes, Gentle Hazel Eyes )

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